Watch “The Border States Of America” , A Documentary About Our “Open Borders”

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The “Border States Of America” With Nick Searcy

Published on Oct 16, 2014

” Please visit for more information about this film.

  An unprecedented wave of illegal immigration is washing over America, threatening the fabric of our nation. But the Obama Administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws, resulting in tens of thousands of people illegally entering the US. Now, our new film reveals the full scope of this crisis.

  The Border States of America takes viewers from the Rio Grande Valley to towns across the country, telling the story of human smugglers and drug cartels who profit from Obama’s policies; of American citizens whose lives are put at risk; and the social and economic toll on our communities. We cut through the fog to bring you the truth about what is really happening with the border crisis.

  Television and film star Nick Searcy has come…

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Understanding multicultural words, phrases and other absurdities

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The Obama Nation’s multicultural society has become so politically correct and otherwise obtuse that words and phrases are used in any odd ways that may be desired — just as Humpty Dumpty did.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

Here are a few examples and explanations.

Religion of peace. Amish? Quakers? Of course not: it’s Islam. Although the Islamic State, according to Obama, is not “Islamic,” the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, et al – which are “Islamic” — are among the world’s foremost sponsors of Islamic terrorism. However, that is irrelevant because Muslims would be offended.

ISIS scared

Here’s Andrew Klavan on how to survive an Islamic Quaker massacre:

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America’s Surveillance State, Part 1: The Surveillance Machine

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Dandelion Salad

PressTV Documentaries on Oct 22, 2014

2013 DC Rally Against Mass Surveillance 12

Image by Stephen D. Melkisethian via Flickr

We live in the United States of Surveillance — with cameras increasingly positioned on street corners and with much more invisible spying online and on the phone. Anyone who is paying attention knows that privacy could be out the window. All of this is not happening by accident -well funded powerful agencies and companies are engaged in the business of keeping tabs on what we do, what we say, and what we think.

To many in the world, today, the face of America also has A BIG NOSE for sniffing and sifting mountains of data—phone calls, emails and texts. And with many mouths silenced by paranoia to keep what they decide is secret, secret. America has become a Surveillance-Industrial State where everyone’s business has become its business, and where one huge US intelligence Agency has…

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Remember Boston?

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Martial law in NE PA remains over Cop Killer Frein


The Legal Issues of the Eric Frein Manhunt


We’re special.

Being a logger is the most dangerous job in America. Without them, you wouldn’t have your houses, furniture, and what-not… yet grown men and woman don’t grab their crotches and gyrate their loins in horror when a logger is killed in the performance of his duty. Okay… girls?

Thousands of various crimes, from murder, rape, robberies, muggings, and etc. are committed in the United States every year, yet not one cop prevented those thousands of crimes. That cops protect you, is a fairy-tale. People RIGHT NOW are being victimized by criminals, yet not one cop is preventing it. Cops deliver nothing but an investigation after the crime has been committed. Cop don’t protect anyone, much less themselves.

Need proof?


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Seattle Cops Bring Lawsuit Claiming They Have A Constitutional Right To Use Excessive Force

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Not surprising: they want protection for how they plan to act. It’s sort of the same courtesy extended by the CIA to its torturers, destroying all video records of the torture sessions. From the article:

. . .their lawsuit does shed light on the sort of resistance officials and police chiefs face as they seek to make their policies more humane. The lawsuit employs rhetoric hostile to the idea of treating vulnerable suspects such as the mentally ill differently, and calls DOJ’s findings on excessive force “highly suspect.” It also embodies a Stand Your Ground-ification of self-defense attitudes in asserting that officers have a right not to de-escalate the situation before turning to deadly force, asserting that their force is protected “regardless of whether or not there existed less intrusive means, or alternatives to self-defense or defense of others, such as inflicting a less serious injury to, retreating…

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Radical Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested On the Street in Ferguson…with a concealed handgun!

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.36.23 PM

Hypocrisy, your name is once again “Democrat.” Last week we saw gun control advocates, Bill Maher and Ben Affleck admit they own guns and will not give them up unilaterally while advocating laws that would make it illegal for you to have a gun. Now we see a Missouri State Senator who actually has promoted and voted for anti-gun laws, caught when arrested during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri with a loaded 9mm handgun.

Missouri state Democratic Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested Monday night while protesting with a group outside the Ferguson Police Department. What makes this interesting is what was in her possession at the time.
According to Police Chief Tom Jackson, Nasheed was carrying a loaded 9mm handgun along with extra rounds of ammunition. She also refused to take a breathalyzer test after officers determined she “smelled strongly of intoxicants,” sources told KMOV-TV.
The irony in this…

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Martial law in NE PA remains over Cop Killer Frein, call it what you like

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Do you want to know what living under martial law is like? Take a look at the clip below. Five weeks of it.The story barely makes a ripple outside of PA. Residents of NE PA know. “Shelter in Place.”  Cute.  With the latest sighting this weekend, the Pocono Mountain schools were again closed today. It is still going on. When Frein first shot and killed a State trooper, and seriously wounded another, the race was on.  Over a thousand law enforcement officers were on the march to capture him. Our civil rights be damned. Call it what you want. So I bring you an update. After the clip, a roundup of parts of previous posts. The Newspapers now only permit a few hits, so I will post the links at the end of the story. The main diary of events can be found at DHS lifts Martial Law order -‘Shelter…

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