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Jewish Power is the Ability to Stop People Talking About Jewish Power

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A Muslim Labour MP has been suspended from her position as a result of suggesting that Israel and its Jewish population should move to America thereby resolving the Palestinian issue. The controlled media have gone into a frenzy about ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party demanding that Commissar Corbyn crack down on those troublesome ‘anti-semites’.

First off, nothing in the meme posted in 2014 by Naz Shah could be construed as ‘anti-semitic’ as they define it. It merely suggested that a country as big as America who openly supports Israel not only financially but militarily, could easily accommodate a small country the size of Israel. America stands by saying and doing absolutely nothing as Israel repeatedly massacres men women and children in Palestine and even provides the weaponry used. Any other nation would have had sanctions placed upon them long ago and probably would have faced military action for their treatment…

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Sweden’s backlash: Why the tide is turning for refugees

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arab press EF01925C-096A-47F1-A1AE-8BD0ACC49421_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy4_cw0Volunteers distribute food and drinks to migrants who arrived at Malmo train station in Sweden on the morning of Sept. 10, 2015.

Sweden has received more refugees per capita than any other country last year, but many Swedes have started to question the country’s immigration policies as crime rates and extremism are on the rise.

Traditionally, Sweden has been viewed as welcoming to refugees.

In 1970, most immigrants came from other European nations like Finland, Yugoslavia, Denmark and Greece. The 1980s saw people come from Iran, Chile, Lebanon and Turkey.

In the last 10 years, the numbers have taken off and in 2015, nearly 163,000 individuals applied for asylum in Sweden, a nation of 9.8 million people.

Syrians accounted for 51,000 of these asylum seekers, 41,000 came from Afghanistan, 20,000 from Iraq, along with thousands from Eritrea, Somalia and Iran. A combined 4,000 came from Albania and Kosovo.

Today, around…

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“Largest single pledge in history”: US may increase military aid to Israel

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The White House has signaled readiness to boost military aid to Israel to a historic high, after a letter signed by 83 Senators advocated for the increase. Aid to Israel currently accounts for more than half the total US military aid budget.

Relations between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been frosty in recent years. Netanyahu canceled his planned trip to the US last month and said he intended to negotiate the increase with the next US president, according to the Times of Israel. Now, however, the Obama administration is saying it is willing to boost military aid to Israel to historically unprecedented levels.

“We are prepared to sign an MOU [memorandum of understanding] with Israel that would constitute the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history,” a White House official told Reuters on Monday.

Earlier in the day…

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Move over Europe: Muslims ‘raping U.S. women’

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From WND
By Leo Hohmann | Published: 03/21/2016

Uber-big problem as drivers accused of preying on female passengers


A growing number of drivers working for Uber, Lyft and similar taxi services have been accused of sexually assaulting female passengers.

And many of them have Muslim names.

Two Uber drivers – Hassan Ibrahim, 48, and Salim Salem, 47 – were charged last week in connection with sexual assaults against female college students at Michigan State University, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The two men are accused of using their Uber driver jobs to prey upon college students.

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Illinois Police Department Pulls Plug On Body Cameras Because Accountability Is ‘A Bit Burdensome’


Police body cameras aren’t the cure-all for bad policing. However, they are an important addition to any force, providing not only a means for accountability (albeit an imperfect one) but also documentation of day-to-day police work. They can help weed out those who shouldn’t be cops as well as protect officers from bogus complaints.

It’s not enough to just have the cameras, though. Effort must be made to keep them in working order (and to prevent intentional damage/disabling). The footage must also be preserved and provided to the public when requested. This does mean there’s additional workload and expenses to be considered, but the potential benefits of increased documentation should outweigh the drawbacks.

Not so, apparently, for the Minooka Police Department in Illinois. The agency has decided to end its body camera program because accountability and transparency are just too much work.

Minooka Police Chief Justin…

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The Fable of a Stable Climate

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Translation from the Dutch book review “Het Sprookje van een stabiel klimaat” by Hans Labohm. Posted on the climategate.nl blog.

My loyal readers know him as co-author of my blog: the geologist, paleoclimatologist and climate sceptic Gerrit van der Lingen, an antipode of Dutch origin who has been living in New Zealand for many years.

Gerrit van der Lingen has recently published a fascinating book, “The Fable of a Stable Climate, the writings and debates of a climate realist”, which contains a collection of his essays, lectures, discussions and letters to the media about climate and associated subjects.

Most of the public information about the climate comes from scientists who studied the weather and weather processes and who consider temperature data of 150 years already a long period. For van der Lingen this is only one heartbeat in the geological history, which forms the only correct context for judging the…

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