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“…How is it possible that a rag-tag band of rebels in the mountains of Afghanistan, armed only with makeshift AK-47s and homemade bombs, are able to cause the greatest military in the world to expend more resources on combating them than the US spent fighting an army of communist Viet Cong?

Could it be that a huge military is not necessary to combat an invading army if the people are willing to engage in guerrilla warfare against an occupying force? How is it possible that Afghani goat herders and sandal footed Vietnamese peasants were able to thwart the greatest military presence on the face of the Earth?

Why did the US Constitution establish militias as the basis of our defense forces? Why did the founders of this tyrannical nation State say that a standing army was a dangerous threat to liberty?…”

via Things That Will Never Be | Libertarian News.

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