In defense of stockpiling | The Survival Mom

  1. Stockpiling buys you time. If the store shelves are empty, it’s a whole lot easier to begin using food in your storage pantry than it is to suddenly become a master gardener, growing your own fresh produce and raising your own animals for food. You can get the garden started and not go hungry because you have a pantry filled with stockpiled food.
  2. We still live in a land of plenty. If I decide to go to Costco and buy a dozen packages of their toilet paper, it doesn’t mean that some poor soul across town is going to have to start using pages from the phone book. There is plenty of food, plenty of toilet paper, plenty of batteries, etc. to go around. It may not always be that way, but it is now, and we can use that to our future advantage.
  3. Stockpiling is a whole lot easier than scavenging. If you have extra machine parts, extra windshield wiper blades, extra light bulbs, and extra laundry detergent, you won’t have to dig through dumpsters, scavenge in alleys, or prowl through a junkyard.
  4. In certain crises, having a stockpile of food and supplies can keep you safe. You can hunker down in your home rather than brave crowds of equally desperate people. You’ll be able to stay far away from a pandemic outbreak or a run on the banks. You’ll have what you need while a panicked society settles back down to a new ‘normal’.
  5. If your family can remain fairly self-reliant, at least for a while, the family can remain together and intact, without individuals venturing out looking for supplies, water, and the like.

via In defense of stockpiling | The Survival Mom™.

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