The Three Rules of a 911 Call | TAG

” …STFU Shut The F Up  – That rule starts from the moment you call the cavalry.Here’s the 411 on 911:

  1. Make the call as short as possible.  911 operators are trained to keep the caller on the line as long as they can…
  2. Either hang up or put the phone down as soon as possible.  Once you’ve shared the key info, either hang up or put the phone down.
  3. Do not discuss the 911 call with the cops. Police/detectives arriving on scene will try to extract as much information from you as possible. The cops may try and use information from the 911 call to get you to talk before you lawyer up. Lawyer up. Tell them “My life was in danger” and “I will answer all your questions after I speak with my attorney.” And . . .
  4. … that’s it. Nothing else!…” must read, go here —-> The Truth About Guns

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