DC | ol remus and the woodpile report

For a very long time now our representatives neither write nor read the legislation they pass into law, nor need they. Proposals of import arrive in their hands fully formed by the real government. Those owed exceptions are excepted and those owed favors are favored, and they call it consensus.

Those who express contrary opinion are bribed, threatened, extorted or otherwise neutered, and why not, they represent nobody, which is what The People have become—nobody. Contrary opinion itself is politicized, medicalized or militarized until it’s not merely contrary but illegitimate and dangerously so. In short, our actual opinions as we express them count for nothing because The People count for nothing.

What were formerly our police have been transformed into DC’s over-armed street enforcers. What were formerly our state militias are now DC’s National Guard, not far from an occupation force eager—as in Katrina—to deny the citizenry rights it was entrusted and sworn to protect. And the Army’s Northern Commandart-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only.gif stands ready to supply whatever support it thinks they need. Every federal department now has armed enforcement agents, including the Department of Education and the IRS. DC records and sifts our telephone conversations, email and social networks. It monitors our doings with television cameras, check points and financial surveillance. The whole country has been put on lock-down. If DC neither fears nor respects The People, and they don’t; if we count for nothing, and we do, this is a big reason why, perhaps the biggest.Day to day governance is less of a problem.

As Mark Twain put it, no matter who we vote for, the government keeps getting elected. DC doesn’t have to convince the electorate or put a proposition on the ballot. Ever since DC’s Supreme Court recast the Commerce Clause as an open-ended enabling act, DC’s desires and the law have become one. What shall we eat or drive or light our houses with. What shall our children be taught. What shall we be allowed to think and say. These are not questions, they’re answers. Not our answers, their answers, and their answers carry the force of law. Ours don’t. ObamaCare, amnesty for illegals, bailing out the big banks—DC answers for us. We are not consulted, we’re notified, and then not always. The People’s answers count for nothing because The People count for nothing.

But it gets worse. President Obama and his Justice Department have stated he can have any terrorist suspect imprisoned or tortured or murdered, without due process and without review elsewhere, citizen or not, within the U.S. or anywhere in the world. Should anybody wonder, DC’s guidelines couldn’t be more clear, every American is a terrorist suspect. With our neighbors saying anything if they see anything, or think they do, the hit-list of citizens “guilty until proven innocent” grows. We have no rights DC is bound to respect or even acknowledge, not even a right to our own lives. Our Constitutional guarantees count for nothing in DC because The People count for nothing in DC.More to come on the ‘disposable’ citizen…via ol remus and the woodpile report.

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