Why I Prepare by Valerie | MSO

Why do I prep for the uncertainty that looms before us? I’ve never really answered that question outside of my family. No one really knows what I do. Not because I’m ashamed or worried about what they’ll think of me, but because I don’t want to have to turn away friends who want the food I stored for my kids because their kids are hungry. If they don’t know, they won’t come to me. And that’s harsh, I know, but hey, to borrow from a previous winner, sorry, friends, go die somewhere else.

Some days, the answer to why I prep alludes me. Some days I feel like a martyr. I’d love to spend the money that I spend on ammo on something for me, like a pedicure. It would be so nice to drive to the “big city” without worrying about whether I had enough stuff in my car to get us back to the county if there was an EMP that day. I wish I could go to the grocery store and not worry that I won’t have a chance to get back to get all the things I wanted, but didn’t have room for in the budget or the buggy. I’d love to not check all these sites each day, to sleep through the night without waking up dreaming about wars, famine, attacks, and food storage, and to not have to ponder the potential effects of each seemingly small and unrelated event in the world. But I do…

Why do I prep? Because it’s like breathing. If I don’t, we’ll die. I mean, isn’t that the goal? We prep to survive the coming uncertainty, and for the prospect of having to fight for our very lives and the very lives of our children. We work to save the principles and foundations that we believe this country was started with. Really, you can break my prepping reasoning down into three categories.

The first reason I prep is because of my family. Because of the way I was raised. We’re Southern, and maybe that makes a difference. We’re country folks, and maybe that’s it. I don’t know why we are the way the way we are, but we are. We believe in respect and self-respect. We believe in working hard for what we have, not taking what we didn’t earn. We believe in making the best decisions for ourselves and our children, not letting some “expert” somewhere do it for us. We believe that we are capable of knowing right from wrong without being told by the government what is “right”.

We were raised poor; only, see, I didn’t know that then. We always had everything we needed. We were happy, with full bellies. We made do. Or, rather, our creative, hardworking, ingenious parents made do. That mindset of having enough, of not constantly needing more, makes it easier to prepare and to sacrifice to prepare. Learning how to cook something yummy and nutritious from nothing is really an art form, and one that, luckily for me, my mother is a master at. So, I had those skills before it was the trendy thing to do. My family has hunted and fished for as long as I can remember, so that’s not new to us. Always being prepared was kind of the family motto. Every camping trip—those were our vacations, not trips to resorts or to Europe—brought Momma saying “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Every one of us repeats that on a very regular basis. You should have seen my diaper bag when my kids were little, and I wasn’t even a prepper then!

My background, my family, and the basics of my core values drive me to prep. I won’t let go of those scruples because some else says to. I won’t compromise what’s in my heart because of legislation, politics, or because it offends someone. I won’t be mean about it, but I won’t be run over either.

The second reason, and second most important reason that I prep is because of my kids. The bottom line is that they have to survive. They have to live to carry on the legacy that started generations ago. They have to go forward so that what we believe, what we hold dear, and what we could potentially die for doesn’t die with us. It lives on in them. In how they raise their kids. In the legacy they leave behind.

I want my kids to know what freedom is. I want them to know what right really is, not what someone else says is “right”. I want them to understand what really took place in history—the truth, not a skewed version that is politically correct or politically motivated. I want my children to be able to choose how to live their lives, not conform to the life someone else wants them to live. We’ve made the decision to home school them, starting this fall. We have chosen an accredited curriculum that is best for our family, but are also supplementing that education with the other things we feel are important. Real history. Gardening. Shooting and gun safety. We’re working to ensure they are raised like we were raised. That means Little League and soccer, but not year round, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, and 4H. They each won’t have an iPad, iPod, and iPhone, their own tvs, gaming systems, and dvd players in each of their rooms, and they’ll play outside in the dirt with sticks and army men, dolls and flowers. We’re looking for books, workbooks, and school supplies to add to our storage so we can continue to teach them post StuffHTF. This is the biggest prepping decision we’ve ever made, but we feel that with a government funded public school education, all the other preps may not even matter. There are some scary things happening in schools these days. Things that point toward a society where our preps will be essential.

If we forget about the future, why do we even bother prepping? If we aren’t preparing ways to train up our children in a way that is reflective of what we believe, what good do all the beans and bullets do? I know, without the beans and bullets, they won’t make it. I’m not saying those things aren’t crucial. What I am saying is that, for me, if I don’t take the time to teach my kids the values and the beliefs that I hold, all my other preps will be in vain. What would I be fighting for if I didn’t teach my little ones the reasons I fought?

The third, final, and most important reason why I prep is because of my relationship with God. I will always remain free and able to worship Him—and ONLY Him—until the day I die. I prep so that I can defend my right to read my Bible, to sing to Jesus, to dress, to speak, and to act the way I feel is most honoring and glorifying to the Lord. I won’t bow down to any other god, and I won’t stop professing my gratitude for His blood that cleansed and saved me. I will not lose the eternal reward that I have worked for, or forget that He granted me His sweet mercy on Calvary, because my relationship with Him offends someone or because they believe in another god and want me to as well. So, I prep to live in such a way that allows me to always worship Him. To train up those precious kids of mine in the ways of the Lord. To, with my last breath, be able to say “Praise the Lord”.

To me, a life without Him is worse than not having any food stored up, any water, any medical supplies. A life knowing that I turned my back on God to live isn’t a life, but a death sentence. He didn’t turn His back on me when I was lost in sin, and I won’t deny Him. Ever. If I lose this earthly life because of that, fine. Let someone else have all my food and ammo. I know where I’m going. But, I’ve been given the chance to prepare, the chance to get my house in order, both spiritually and physically, before the trying times that loom before us. Maybe Jesus’ll come back before things get bad and His people will be raptured out of here. But if not, I have to eat and protect the life He gave me. I have to train up my kids as He commanded. I have to serve and help others, and try to help them see the love He has for them. If having food to share because of my storage gives me that opportunity, then I’m happy to buy more beans. Maybe that way my friends won’t have to go die somewhere else.

I don’t know what the future in this world holds for any of us. But I do know that I am preparing for whatever is to come, and I do know that no matter what, I’m doing the best I can. It may not be the best for anyone else, and people may not agree with me, either for prepping or for the reasons I prep, but that’s okay. Isn’t that one of the reasons we all prepare? To keep the freedom to be who we are and make the best decisions for ourselves?  “In God we trust. The rest, we’ll question.”

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