Justice | Ol’ Remus & The Woodpile Report – 24 Apr 2012

Justice.  Be careful what you wish for.  Mansfield Frazier at the Daily Beast—a Newsweek outfit—says this in his columnabout the Travnor-Zimmerman brouhaha:

“So what would a fair outcome look like? To my mind, the government offers Zimmerman a plea deal that has him back on the street within this decade, and he accepts it quietly. That seems like a conclusion most reasonable Americans could live with… A protracted murder trial of George Zimmerman is the last thing this country needs right now. America can only dodge so many racial bullets, and a not-guilty verdict in this case could very easily turn the racial cold war into a very hot one.”

Fair outcome?! Fair to who? Did he also advise Rodney King or OJ Simpson to go quietly off to prison? This is insulting. It stinks of contempt for white people and justice alike. Even Eric Holder hasn’t sunk this low. Hot racial war?! To begin with, Mr. Frazier, a former Cleveland newspaper editor wouldn’tcha know, assumes nobody’s noticed the ongoing attacks on whites, any one of which, were the races reversed, would be nonstop news coast-to-coast with blacks taking to the streets in waves—recent examples:

An 18 year-old black man murdered a white man in a public park, then shot a young white mother in the back while she walked her baby, reports Fox Detroit.

Three blacks kidnapped a 52 year old white woman, stole her car, raped and beat and sodomized her for hours. She escaped when they stopped for gas, reports KMOV St. Louis.

A 28 year old Spring, Texas white mother was shot seven times by a black nurse who kidnapped her newborn baby. Despite her injuries she tried to stop the kidnap car but was knocked to the ground and later died, reportsDaily Mail.

At least seven white people were brutally beaten by mobs of blacks in Grand Rapids, MI… The local media has refused to report the attacks and the authorities aren’t placing any serious charges, reports the Washington Examiner.

A white tourist was beaten, robbed and stripped naked on a Baltimore street while other blacks laugh and videotape the assault, reports Huffington Post.

It’s getting to where a normal robbery may just be a racial attack gone bad. More? Recently, near Chicago, a black man on parole stabbed a 13 year old white girl to death in her own home, stole her phone and sent text messages to the victims’ mother taunting her about killing her daughter. And in Detroit, black men bound a white man and woman and burned them funeral-pyre style. In Tulsa, black men robbed a young white woman and her boyfriend, then killed them both. Also in Tulsa, a black man raped and beat to death an 85-year-old white woman and critically injured her 90-year-old husband during a home invasion. Reverse the races and there wouldn’t be enough hoodies in the world to supply the demand.

Nobody makes friends by speaking of these things. It’s considered crude, or at least gratuitous and ungentlemanly, to mention race. We’ve been browbeaten into pretending not to notice, to just keep quiet and hope our cowardice is mistaken for stoic magnanimity. But we do notice. We should have that “frank discussion” Mr. Holder dared us when he said whites were cowards. Many are. Maybe most are. Cowardice is why the national media avoids reporting even the most conspicuous ‘black on white’ crime as such, and why local media omits mentioning race when the offenders are black—but headlines them if they’re white, or near enough—and often won’t run photos supplied by the police even when violent black offenders are still at large, a particularly egregious example being the DC Sniper—known early on to be, but not reported to be, two black men, a jihadist from Jamaica and a home-grown Nation of Islam supremacist. Cowardice is why producers of television crime drama boast about reversing the races in their “true stories” and why Cops admits a self-imposed quota for segments involving blacks. They’re telling us, “The truth? You can’t handle the truth.” How they know this is a mystery, they don’t give us the option.

With the towering prohibition against expressing politically incorrect views about race, why would anyone be naive enough to believe that the demand for total consent will ever stop?
Paul Gottfried at takimag.com

What is Mr. Frazier really afraid of? Does he believe whites will burn down the cities and lynch every black person in sight if Mr. Zimmerman is convicted? C’mon. He’s peddling the standard warning should the mob not get their way. Said plainly, he’s offering “hot racial war”—get it? Hot? Burn baby burn?—against whites if Mr. Zimmerman’s not do time, without a trial, thereby confirming what’s come to be known as the black understanding of justice, to wit: bad outcomes are always somebody else’s fault, therefore somebody has to pay and that somebody is “whitey”.

Nobody should be surprised at this. It’s official policy:

I can’t actually imagine a time in which the need for more diversity would ever cease. Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices. The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin. When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?
Attorney General Eric Holder, via Yasmin Gagne at columbiaspectator.com

Face it, the good faith open handedness of the civil rights era has been squandered, it’s gone, a one-time opportunity lost by serially betraying friends of equal justice. Mr. Frazier seems okay with proposing a kangaroo court lockup as a noble gesture, he sees it as just a bit-o’-fudging for social justice. He knows whites just want to get along and so have consistently chosen appeasement over unpleasantness. But try this: knowing how it turned out, read the same arguments by civil rights activists of the 1960s. Knowing what we know now, the blatant deception and fraudulent double talk jumps off the page. Seriously, try it. It’s so obvious in retrospect you’ll want to weep. Or vomit.

Bad enough, but now there’s open loathing of “anything white” and a rising storm of random violence against innocents to match. The intent is clearly stated in the vitriol blaring from black pulpits and official podiums, it’s a blood lust of black bigotry only the extreme racist wackos of fifty years ago hoped to see. Meanwhile, the press continues to earn the contempt of their audience with omissions and denials. Even the KKK of old couldn’t have imagined the media would some day abet the racial war of their fantasies by letting it begin and develop out of sight.

America is the most race-conscious country in the world. And we see that every day in every newspaper with stories about black unions, black caucuses, black teachers, black students, black neighborhoods, and on and on. Everything except black violence.
Colin Flaherty, White Girl Bleed A Lot, quoted by Dan Auld at marilynmeredith.blogspot.com

This is the way it’s shaping up: a young black wannabe thugga decided to feel disrespected and attacked a neighborhood watch volunteer who, incidentally, is exactly as white genetically as Obama although more admirable than Obama in all important ways. Said volunteer decided not to be beaten to death that night and shot said wannabe thugga even while his head was being bashed against the pavement. When the police arrived they saw no cause for arrest. Relying on the facts as presented thus far, justice appears to have been already served, but the race industry, terrified anybody should stand their ground and get away with it, opined otherwise. An elected prosecutor of the Nifong variety sniffed opportunity and charged said volunteeer with murder. Should Mr. Zimmerman be acquited, or found to be in the right—again, or not volunteer to be imprisoned for defending himself, Mr. Frazier spoke up unasked and offered a ‘hot race war’ as revenge. Hot racial war. No ambivalence. No weasel-wording.

This has been on the table for a long while now—”no justice, no peace” as they put it, meaning social justice, the name injustice goes by, and there’s been no backing down on their end. This, unwisely, is doubling down. It’s always the same: short term clever, long term stupid. Mr. Frazier hasn’t thought this through. Martin King was a violent man personally but he got it right when he told his more militant followers to keep the meaning of the word minority in mind. Being 13% of the population is not good odds should the check Mr. Frazier has written be cashed. Does the race industry understand white people don’t actually believe in zombies but, oddly, are arming themselves at a record rate? Does Mr. Frazier understand he may be leaning on an open door? The page of history always turns and no man can know what will be written next. A word of caution here. As military people say, no plan of battle survives contact with the enemy. He has revealed himself willing to put aside all other avenues and pull us into a ‘hot racial war’. But how willing is he to be surprised?

Nothing’s forever. This will all end but it’s getting more difficult by the minute to see how it ends well. No honorable person talks themselves and others into racial war. Mr. Frazier believes he speaks to a wide consensus, and he probably does. Should his ‘hot racial war’ threat be acted upon, the players change and a whole new set of events is put in motion. He and his audience are badly advised to call up those players. If personal integrity won’t stay their hand, they should take one more peek at the spreadsheet. These are just observations. There’s nothing good in this for anybody. Mr. Frazier has put the ultimatum plainly. Should it be called and the militants mobilized, only the insane will join them. As always, the best advice is: stay away from crowds.

Postscript: Francis Porretto has some thoughts on this. See his article, Politics, Money, Race, George Zimmerman, And 2012 at Liberty’s Torch.

One thought on “Justice | Ol’ Remus & The Woodpile Report – 24 Apr 2012

  1. MisBehaved 04/24/2012 / 12:37 AM

    Thank you for saying what far too many people don’t dare to say for fear of being slapped with the ever-dreaded “R” word. As someone who spent years working as a volunteer with our very racially divided prison system, I learned the hard way (by being ostracized) what happens when you dare to go against the standards of today. Any black man in prison? An innocent “victim” of circumstance. Any white man in prison? A skinhead piece of crap who got what he deserved. S’long as I only volunteered to help the minority…er, majority…black prisoners, I was just too awesome. When I helped a few white men, people in the prison reform movement went ballistic and accused me of being…you guessed it…racist!

    Funny thing is, the white guys never cared who else I was helping or what color they were. It was the black ‘leaders’ in prison who laid down the ultimatum that I could help them ONLY and if I persisted with my silly notion that it shouldn’t matter what the skin color was of those I helped, they “would see to it” that no black prisoner in America would support or work with me.

    I’m not trying to stray from the topic of your article, only to highlight the fact that more people are buying into the Sharpton/Jackson spin & hype than people may realize. Men being beaten in prison were willing to TURN DOWN HELP in order to hold onto and maintain some skewed vision of what “justice” in this country should be.

    It saddens me to see so many people being pushed and led into a *war* that could damage this country for years to come. And while we’re all busy looking at wars overseas, we’re blind to the one stewing right here in our own backyard.


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