The Collapse is the Easy Part | Shenandoah / John Galt FLA

… The hard facts which will emerge on the other side after a grand reset then trial and tribulation is the most difficult concept for most individuals to wrap their minds around. Throughout history this event has occurred over and over again, yet the same if not worse mistakes are made as societies emerge to the proverbial “other side.” Think about the prior collapses of major societies in recent history and the results:

In 1917, a Russian monarchy gave way to a Communist dictatorship. While the former was evil, corrupt, and incapable of exploiting the nation’s vast resources to recognize the era of the monarchies was coming to a close, the alternative as history has judged, was far worse committing and creating standards for atrocities that terrify sane men to this day.

In 1920′s Italy, the post war economic implosion opened the door to a quasi-Socialist who learned how to manipulate the media and financial elites to achieve power and introduce a reign that eventually killed thousands of his countrymen in a fruitless series of wars and eventual defeat. The ego of a dictator knows no bounds as fascism was an honorable term in both Europe and the U.S. at that time.

In 1920′s to 1930′s Germany, a Weimar Republic emerged, barely blunting the concepts of Marxism but eventually falling to National Socialism which killed millions and set the stage for the Pax Americana. Sadly the peace has been squandered.

In 1930′s America, the visions of a President with an obvious abhorrence for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law lead to a dictatorship of “democracy” which almost destroyed the nation without external assistance. Thankfully some brave souls stood against this onslaught and prevented the collapse from expanding to the nation’s heart and soul saving the U.S. from a hybrid Italian-Germanic model of total dictatorship despite the 1932-1935 attempts to rule via edict and Executive Order.

In 1947 China, a nation was formed from nation states under the guise of “Communist Liberation Ideology” as I like to call it and the end results was a state which perfected the art of genocide so efficiently that even the Soviet Union was horrified.

The list is endless with example after example from Latin America to Africa and around the world again but the point is that the collapse while painful will not be the hardship that everyone envisions. The people who have prepared for such an event will survive and perhaps thrive for a period of time during the anarchy and chaos which may reign supreme in their part of the country. This will give way to a new, highly technocratic police state in some nations but I fear in others a perpetual state of civil war could occur; encouraged by outside influences so as to distract the domestic populations from their own hardships.

No matter what we witness, what happens in the weeks, months, and years ahead the title of this article should provide some assurance that each and every day which passes now could be construed as the good old days.

As tomorrow could be the nightmare others call dreams, and freedom a fleeting memory only in our hearts.

via The Collapse is the Easy Part | Shenandoah.

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