Dis-Investment | Ol’ Remus and the Woodpile Report

The proprietor of the well-respected Survival Blog, James Rawles, is not one for overstatement. So it was doubled-down unsettling when he wrote the most chilling advice we’ve seen recently, a spare and direct statement which appeared in his Economics and Investing section:

As of today, Wednesday, June 13, 2012, I strongly urge all SurvivalBlog readers to immediately draw down their checking accounts and liquidate their CDs, passbook savings accounts and most of the their stocks to buy tangibles.

We—we means the entire Woodpile Report staff and his cat—expect one day to read of teaching pets emergency midwifery at Survival Blog, but when Mr. Rawles himself flashes a DEFCON 2 it’s serious. He has a checklist of danger signals, carefully quantified and well thought out, so we can assume defined conditions have been met. Mr. Rawles expanded on his starkly worded warning with a closely reasoned and informed follow up article, 20 Reasons Why America’s Next Bank Holiday Will Be a Nightmare, linked below in Stuff you may want to think about.

The ever-reliable John Galt cited James Rawles’s advice above and the Oanda warning, then listed the preparation steps he’s taking in this articleat Shenendoah, adding, “The lies being spun by the mainstream and financial media are disturbing, and with the potential for a collapse to occur without warning, will only generate more panic in the masses, not less. I just prefer not to be one of those souls trampled by the sheeple in a herd of misdirection and confusion.”

The economic collapse is well underway, has been for some time now, we’re in it and this is what it looks like. But this week will be something short of a cascading crash into oblivion, likely. The Greek debacle may launch a thousand rehypothecations and the VIX may go to log scale, but these particular breakers will crash against the seawall, battering and undermining it further yet somehow not taking it down, quite. Have a care though, the storm is strengthening, the wall is weakening, and when it’s overtopped, when disaster bursts through in its full fury, it will happen everywhere and all at once, outrunning any warning.

One senses that that day is not far off.  In the meantime, protect your assets, do what you can to avoid the falling debris as the old order collapses, and prepare for a hard fight in the years ahead. Gene Schwimmer at americanthinker.com

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