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My wife and I have been prepping for well over a year now; and when we think we have it all ready, we find ourselves doing more.  But that’s ok; nothing is done that is not worthwhile.

In our prepping world only 2 people we know personally know of our preparations.  A few other like-minded people that we have befriended through forums know as well; they do not know us in person however.  We have made it a commitment to keep our stores of food, weapons and survival supplies our secret.

I recently found myself in a predicament.  Last week I was contacted by the casting director from the National Geographic show, Doomsday Preppers.  They want to do an entire show about preppers that are going to use a yacht as part of their escape plans.  They located me from an article I had written for a prepper website by going through the editor.  I was flattered that my story was good enough to be on national TV.  I thought it would be interesting to offer some advice to others.  Heck, it might even be fun.

So we began talking.  I told them I had three requirements: no face shot, no real name used, no real boat name used and no real location used.  I was contacted by the associate producer; everything agreed to except the face shot.  Nope….you got to do better.  I was then contacted by the executive producer…..must have face in video to make the story.  Nope…..I must retain my secrecy.  Then they threw in $500 cash.  This wasn’t going anywhere.

They do not pay people to be on these shows; so I am going to risk my life for a measly $500.00?

Now my wife was getting increasingly nervous about the whole thing.  All that we had worked so hard for could be gone in a second if we were ratted out by someone.  She was afraid our cover might be blown.  I too agreed; letting someone see me might produce someone that actually knew me; “Hey, I know that guy and where his boat is”.

Then the very next day, Mac Slavo, the editor of SHTF website posted an article Prepper Sentenced to 21 Months In Prison For Stockpiling “Destructive Devices” After Insider Rats Him Out.   Talk about timing.  Good article too by the way.  During the trial, the prosecution played clips of the show attempting to make accused appear to be a crazy nut case.  In Mac article he noted, that Off Grid Survival has reported a number of times in the past, I have warned about how dangerous I think T.V. shows like Doomsday Preppers are to the prepping community.

In my opinion, these prepping shows do nothing to help people prepare and are designed to do only one thing – To make Preppers look like complete Wackjobs!  So we killed the idea for good.  Both of my prepper friends told me that I made the right move.  Buy hey; it was fun for the few days it lasted.  I was almost a star!

So I got to thinking a few days later….we preppers must be smart, use our instincts.  So I came up with a few rules for preppers I’d like to share.

  1. Trust no one that you do not personally know.  Even the little old lady down the road will rat on you if she is hungry when the SHTF.
  2. Keep your prepping to yourself.  Again, do not tell anyone you are prepping.  If they know you have stores of food, where do you think they will think of first when the SHTF?  Oh and don’t forget, the Department of Homeland Security thinks people with stockpiles of food and weapons as potential domestic terrorist.
  3. Don’t share any prepping articles on Facebook or other social media.  Don’t draw attention to yourself by posting prepping articles or discussing the topic on the website.  You may think you are educating your friends, but in reality you are just letting them know of your actions and plans.
  4. Make sure boxes are not labeled with the company name if your order emergency supplies.  Most companies will publish this in their ordering information.  You don’t want to tip off the UPS driver that you just received a year’s worth of freeze dried food.
  5. Do not tell anyone what you are up to.  You don’t know how hard it is for me not to tell people I meet that I was almost on the National Geographic TV show.  That would be a disaster.
  6. Be alert to what others are saying.  I was sitting in my dental hygienist chair a week ago and she told me about another customer that was storing food.  She thought he might be prepping and she said if it ever got bad, she knew where to find some food.  I just acknowledged the statement and let it rest.

All said in done, preparing for a SHTF collapse is something few of us are doing.  Some people thing we are nut jobs.  But when it happens, you will be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Practice these rules to keep yourself safe.  Be prepared; stay under the radar., June 19, 2012 (submitted by a reader)

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