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The Justice Department’s Fast and Furious was the first part of an under-the-radar gun control stunt where legitimate gun dealers were coerced to sell guns to Mexican gang straw purchasers. When these guns were used in crimes the source would be “discovered” and “prove” the case against the “easily availability of guns” in the US. But whistleblowers within the BATFE—and yes, there are honorable people in the BATFE—leaked the operation. The affair was taken up by a House investigative committee. For a useful timeline and summary, see Sen. Grassley’s article here.

Subpoenaed documents were withheld from the committee when the trail appeared to reach into the highest levels of the Justice Department and perhaps beyond. Just as the voting on a contempt of Congress citation against Holder was to begin, president Obama asserted executive privilege. The House committee found Holder in contempt of Congress immediately afterward. From there it goes to the full House, then to the Senate and, if upheld, an order will be issued to a U.S. attorney to enforce it against, yes, the U.S. Attorney’s boss—Attorney General Holder.

As no national security issues are involved and none are claimed, invoking executive privilege admits to White House involvement in Fast and Furious itself—or there would be no executive privelege—and all but confirms Attorney General Holder to be guilty of perjury, if not more. Even some committed liberals say Obama’s first use of executive privelege looks like “taking the Fifth”. Further, the White House claims to have never seen the documents being withheld, suspicious enough, but even more suspicious if the documents were withheld after seeing them. Either way it smells of coverup.

Ulsterman at White House Insider has this to say about Obama’s executive privilege:

That makes a direct tie to the administration now.  The perception of that is now the reality of it.  Obama owns Fast and Furious.  He can’t walk that back.  It’s his. He is telling Congress he won’t hand over docs.  The line in the sand was placed there by the president himself.  That alone has people really scrambling now to figure out how deep this thing could go.
Ulsterman at

 Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, the blogger who took this issue from a slow drip to a national hot potato, says two well-placed whistleblowers came forward in mid-June with “the keys to the kingdom,” meaning sound evidence of high-level malfeasance may already be the hands of the House committee. A good attorney knows the truthful answer before he asks a question.

The emergence of two more whistleblowers, this time from Eric Holder’s inner sanctum, may be one reason Congressman Issa sent this final offer to Attorney General Holder offering what sounds like one last chance to negotiate seriously, or else. When I commented upon this to one of the sources, “Oh, yeah, he’s got the ‘or else’ in his pocket . . . more than one actually.”
Mike Vanderboegh at

 This is what Obama says about accountability and transparency at the White House web site:

The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed…  I direct the Attorney General to issue new guidelines governing the FOIA to the heads of executive departments and agencies, reaffirming the commitment to accountability and transparency.
Obama memorandum at

The liberal leadership sees the contempt citation as something else. They’re painting it as an underhanded way to stop Mr. Holder’s court actions against “voter suppression”—meaning illegal alien voters, dead voters, and voters who vote early and often. Tribalists and their handlers are playing the race card, it’s a reflex, but in their defense it’s tough to defend malfeasance on principle. In the end it won’t work, the blood’s in the water, the corpse has risen to the surface and questions of how it got there are getting serious and persistent.

Obama’s assertion of executive privilege will do little if anything to save Eric Holder. Its chief effect, I predict, will be to focus attention more sharply on the great questions that have not been sufficiently plumbed: Who is Barack Obama? What does he have to hide?
Roger Kimball at

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