PBS: Re-Educating America’s Schoolchildren, Thanks to Your Contributions | NoisyRoom.net

… PBS Teachers is leading the shift in education from objective to “emotional” learning. This increasing reliance in classrooms on emotion-based encounters is revolutionary, affecting both what is taught and how it is taught. PBS lessons across the curriculum de-emphasize facts and ideas in favor of eliciting subjective responses and personal opinions from students, or even leading students through exercises designed to make them imagine the emotions of various individuals involved in historical events. Students are evaluated not so much on what they know as on the attitudes they hold.   

Consequences of the Emotion Revolution:

  • PBS lessons vigorously promote an extreme, trans-historical version of identity politics,   dividing all people into groups of “victims” and “victimizers.”
  • Lessons and assignments are designed to force students to express political beliefs and engage in coercive, emotion-based exercises in reaction to controversial issues.
  • Students are forced to engage in a variety of staged traumas in the classroom and with each other, ostensibly to “experience” historical events.
  • Students are subjected to obsessive exhortations to “oppose bullying” and “teach tolerance.” They are made to play-act instances of bullying and are instructed to discover intolerance and prejudice in their own families, communities, and peers.By imposing political bias and forcing students to participate in scripted explorations of “appropriate” emotional responses to selective historical events, PBS Teachers is transforming education into re-education. A closer look at individual lesson plans will demonstrate how PBS curricula turn classrooms into recruitment sites for leftist causes…

go here, via NoisyRoom,net, authored by Mary Grabar and Tina Trent at Acccuracy in media

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