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There just is no Rule of Law left in America….

There just is no Rule of Law left in America. Whenever a lesser statute is allowed to supersede a Constitutional Right, this is TREASON because the Constitution cannot possibly be the Supreme Law of the Land.

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When Is a Dog Sniff in Your Car Not a Search? | Volokh

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Jonathan H. Adler • July 27, 2012 11:42 am

Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit decided United States v. Sharp, a dog-sniff case.  Here’s the court’s summary:

It is well-settled that a dog’s sniff around the exterior of a car is not a search under the Fourth Amendment. Defendant appeals the district court’s denial of his motion to suppress because a narcotics dog jumped into his car and sniffed inside the car before “alerting” to the presence of narcotics. The canine’s jump and subsequent sniff inside the vehicle was not a search in violation of the Fourth Amendment because the jump was instinctive and not the product of police encouragement. Therefore, we AFFIRM.

Here Come the Pitchforks: County Comes After Small Farmers With Big Fines – Even If They Have a Business License! | Daily Sheeple

The assault on personal reliance, self dependency and the activities that made liberty-driven American agriculture the envy of the world in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries continues. On the heels of a an Oregon man being sentenced to jail for 30 days for rainwater collection and harvesting, Martha Boneta of Fauquier County, Virginia becomes the latest victim of a government boot to the throat:

Farmers in Fauquier County are planning to bring their pitchforks to an Aug. 2 hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals to protest the arbitrary treatment of one of their own. On April 30, Zoning Administrator Kimberley Johnson sent Martha Boneta an official cease-and-desist notice for selling farm products and hosting a birthday party for her best friend’s 10-year-old daughter on her 70-acre Paris, Va., farm without a special administrative permit. Read more…

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The Grey Enigma:

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How Much Money Do You Really Need To Be Happy?

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So many of us work long, hard hours to provide for our families and children-often long hours away from home, maybe taking on extra jobs at times or hoping to get a raise in an effort to make our lives richer financially–working harder at the expense of sleeping and taking good care of ourselves in order to have extra money. It seems so many of us just aren’t content with what we have now. But is there a point at which striving to earn or acquire extra money can be counterproductive? Or, in other words, when having extra money just doesn’t make us “happy” anymore?

In a recent column in the the Sunday Review of the New York Times, Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton attempt to answer this question and by doing so create a perfect opportunity for us to reflect about the limitations of how the desire to…

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Codrea: Scalia Statement On Guns Clarifies The Future

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The courts are not going to save you.

Nor will the legislatures.

Certainly the executive branches will not.

Most of your neighbors will support your incarceration and/or murder.

Hell – you’re lucky if you can count on all of your nuclear family.

And they are coming.

You ready?

Ein Schweizer, sieben Deutsche.

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101 reasons why you need an “assault rifle” | Ammoland

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By Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law.  … A question we are all tired of hearing in the so-called “debate” over so-called “assault weapons” is, “why does anybody need one?”

Here is the answer once and for all: You need an assault weapon—

1. to help continue the American tradition of citizen/soldier.
2. for recreation.
3. to collect military small arms.
4. to get quick extra shots at more game while hunting.
5. to get quick extra shots at the same game while hunting. Read more…


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