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Consider how we’ve come to fill in what news reports omit. Who actually reads about violent “unruly youths” and pictures Dick and Jane gone bad? How did it get to where official denial of racial motive is its surest confirmation?

It’s impossible to have an ‘honest dialogue’ about racial violence. We’re not supposed to notice, much less comment. Yet we do notice. For instance, we’re asked to believe it’s simple robbery when whites are knocked down and beaten nearly to death, then robbed, and the perps post a video on a black web site. Oh wait, it’s about here we’re supposed to say it doesn’t matter if the perps are black, white or green. It matters to the perps, it should matter to us. And yes, it’s beginning to matter. For those who still don’t understand, imagine the hysteria were the races reversed.

Violence by blacks against whites has been rising steeply since Obama and Holder took office. While coincidence only suggests cause, the notion of semi-sanctioned racial aggression is becoming difficult to refute as the evidence piles up. Imagine street brawlers willing to take a hit for the cause. Storm Hoodies, say. At the very least, “Beat Whitey Night” in Iowa and at the Wisconsin State Fair in times past said restraint has given way everywhere, the restraint being the common decency one person extends to any other person. The steady stream of outrages confirms it. Here are some recent news reports:

Chicago Three men jumped out of a limousine and attacked people on the street while another videotaped the assaults from the inside the limo.

Mobile, Alabama A woman was shot in the chest while cautioning a group of men speeding through her neighborhood. Her teen daughter witnessed the murder.

Update: 17-year-old Trayon Washington has been arrested and charged. See the article for details of the shooting and photos.

Richland County, South Carolina Two men tied up a wheelchair-bound man, tortured and shot him “execution-style,” then took the woman to a wooded area and shot her in the head.

Miami, Florida A man who was brutally beaten in downtown Miami over the weekend took his first steps since the attack. Includes three videos.

Caruthersville, Missouri – Two teenage girls punched and kicked a mentally disabled man and posted a video of the attack on Facebook. Article includes video.

Columbus, Ohio Thirty youths randomly assaulted old people, children and women after a fireworks show while cops looked the other way.

Philadelphia A street mob assaulted people as they left the 4th of July fireworks show.

Philadelphia – A benefit was held to help pay a young mother’s medical and dental bills after being punched in the face during a March flash mob spree.

Albany, Georgia The July 4th fireworks show was suspended after violent youths invaded the park and attacked families.

Consider: much of urban mass transit has become too dangerous to use, elections are becoming racial referendums, schools have to be run like penitentiaries, public spaces are being terrorized, some version of John Derbyshire’s The Talk is becoming common in ordinary homes, in short, the nation is resegregating in the worst possible way—and we’re told only unreconstructed racists would be so ill-willed as to notice racial violence.

“Unruly youths” don’t form mobs by accident, then happen to invade peaceful places and select only whites by chance, violate them inadvertently and post videos on the net as a momentary lapse of their otherwise high standards. And we’re to believe it happens exactly this way every time, in every place, coast to coast, week after week, by merest coincidence.

While the media puzzles out how to report the news by not reporting it, while law enforcement tells us what’s happening isn’t really happening, the adults are talking and telling the truth as-is, namely, liberal society if not civilization itself is under attack by unrestrained and evidentally unrestrainable, self-announced, violent tribalism. Those who can’t handle the truth may now leave the room, but it’ll be a bit lonely out there.

One thought on “Perps | Ol’ Remus & the Woodpile Report

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety 07/18/2012 / 2:30 PM

    The tribalism isn’t only self imposed, you know. The upper class agenda has been to give the appearance of equality without the substance. Just like after the Civil War when literacy tests were instituted. College educated black men and women were disenfranchised because they supposedly couldn’t read – well, I can’t read Chinese either, does that make me illiterate? And share cropping. What a joke. That hurt poor whites just as much as blacks. All to the benefit of the wealthy whites, who couldn’t have cared less as long as they kept as much of their privilege as possible.

    You also miss the fact that there is a large percentage of underclass white society that has also segregated itself and acts as poorly. It’s no coincidence, it comes from the same place. Fear, desperation, and powerlessness motivate both groups.

    The Civil War was initiated in part because the North didn’t have enough poor whites to man the factories for 16-18 hours a day seven days a week. They wanted those slaves, so they could enslave them under the guise of “freedom.” It only worked to their benefit that the emancipation movement was gaining ground at the same time; they encouraged it, funded it, and used it just as many other movements before and since have been co-opted.

    Frankly, population genetics predicts this behavior, along with the rise in homosexuality and other ‘maladaptive’ behaviors (I personally do not care what someone does as long as they don’t hurt others – marry six people if you want, just don’t expect welfare to pay for it). Whenever you get too many of a group in a place, violence occurs. We won’t be around to see it, but eventually the population will decrease; our slide down the other end of empire will ensure that death rates will exceed birth rates, and life expectancies are already decreasing compared to past generations.

    Also not a politically correct observation, but it is made without judgement. If you have any questions, please let me know; I often think I’m being clear when I’m not, not without more background information.


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