Probably best if you are sitting down when you read this, GE.

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‘Debts that cannot be paid will not be paid.’

Michael Hudson

The average American works 7 months a year before being allowed to keep any of the money they work for. But that figure is deceptive. The occupation government gives orders to shut down coal fired generation plants because they emit carbon dioxide. Then they give exemptions to plants owned by or doing business with General Electric. This forces up utility rates so you are actually working more than 7 months a year to support this tyrannous government. 35 million Americans will be forced in a few months to pay $8,000 each for health insurance unless they get into a government plan which will cost them a few thousand dollars a year for a worthless policy that will not give them the coverage anyone would want.

Wages are going down. They are 40% lower in real terms than in 1970…

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