1980 Republican National Convention – Ronald Reagan’s Acceptance Speech


Outrage after anti-Obama billboards call President a ‘village idiot’ and show a child giving him the finger | Mail Online


Outrage after anti-Obama billboards call President a ‘village idiot’ and show a child giving him the finger | Mail Online.

Do You “Rely on Authority” for Protection, Too?

“Greetings Rebels-to-King-George & curious others.

This essay (and subsequent YouTube video🙂 was prompted by a tragic occurrence which I just read about today. It happened over in Dallas a week ago, on August 21st. I’m calling this, “Reliance-on-Authority” but the news story’s actual title is, “9-1-1 call captures the murder of a Dallas woman,” which I’ll link to HERE.

Sadly, this is just one more instance where an all-too-trusting, dare I say, gullible, individual first believed in, then relied on the Authorities of “9-1-1” and their professional, uniformed-forces, to come to her defense. Instead, she was murdered – as others have been before her – all while being listened-to and duly recorded-by those very same Authorities and Professionals.

Frequently in the anti-gun media-saturated culture we live in those of us who dare to own and then dare to carry or wear handguns for personal and family-protection…

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Believe nothing

‘Delta Airlines, in collusion, of course, with the Transportation Security

(NaturalNews) Delta Airlines, in collusion, of course, with the Transportation Security Administration, seems to have a new division: Thought Police.

At least, that’s what Arijit Guha and his wife think after being kicked off a Delta flight out of Buffalo-Niagara for wearing a satirical t-shirt that apparently made some passengers and employees “very uncomfortable.”

Writing on his blog, Guha – who was returning home after attending his grandfather’s funeral – tells how he was treated as a terrorist for nothing more than his attire which, he explained, puts a sarcastic spin on the screening process airline passengers in the U.S. must endure.

“The story begins on Saturday, August 18,” Guha, who describes himself as a PhD at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, says.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037002_TSA_thought_police_T-shirt.html#ixzz250vFgciW

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Meaningless Words in Politics | Rep. Ron Paul

As we enter the fall political season, we will hear a great deal of rhetoric from both major political parties and their many candidates for office. It’s important for us to remember, however, that words can be made meaningless by misuse or overuse. And when we as citizens allow politicians to obscure the truth by distorting words, we diminish ourselves and our nation. Continue reading

Liberation Here and Now!

By Jon Rappoport

August 20, 2012



The big infusion of cash that sent Mark Zuckerberg and his fledgling college enterprise on their way came from Accel Partners, in 2004.

Jim Breyer, head of Accel, attached a $13 million rocket to Facebook, and nothing has ever been the same.

Earlier that same year, a man named Gilman Louie joined the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA). The chairman of NVCA? Jim Breyer. Gilman Louie happened to be the first CEO of the important CIA start-up, In-Q-Tel.

In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to “gather data.”

That’s not the only connection between Jim Breyer and the CIA’s man, Gilman Louie. In 2004, Louie went to work for BBN Technologies, headed up by Breyer. Dr. Anita Jones also joined BBN at that time…

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US: Why It Always Ends In War

alternative economics

After an extraordinary expansion of US debt, war is inevitable. Below will outline a few reasons why? Of course the politicians do what they are told as always by the banking elites. What better way to deal with a broken monetary system than introduce chaos.

ZeroHedge have outlined the reasons why the US would welcome a war right now.

The old war against terror propaganda is losing ground to alternative news and opinion now available because of the Internet Reformation. Frankly, few people believe anything from either the American government or its establishment propaganda outlets and this is a frightening situation to the power elite that rules America.

Due to the growing economic crisis, the government needs to take strong actions that could be violently resisted by large segments of the US population unless a major financial or military crisis can be used as an excuse and cover for…

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