Warren Pollock & Ann Barnhardt on The Endgame | Warren Pollack

Sentinel Group,7th Circuit, MF Global, Corzine, Customer Segregated Funds, banksters, confiscation and usurpation of private funds, corruption and all the sad rest of it.

[BTW go to Ann’s website here and YouTube channel here, Warren Pollack’s website is here]

One thought on “Warren Pollock & Ann Barnhardt on The Endgame | Warren Pollack

  1. galacticpresident 09/02/2012 / 7:21 PM

    this is why it is a great time for ethical investment firms … because the usual suspects are incompetent & corrupt – but it is also why it surprises me that it is so hard (still) to find investors for a good idea … surely people with money to invest should be desperately seeking out people like myself who are desperately looking for people to invest so I can take my projects further … but instead, I find that things are barely changing (compared to what I would expect I would do if I were in their shoes as an investor rather than inventor) … I think (no offence to any investors out there) that investors aren’t very smart, because it takes something getting to disaster level like this before they realise it’s a bad idea (and clearly some of them still don’t see it), and they do not come to what I would have thought is the bleedin’ obvious conclusion that the only reasonably safe investment is to get into a new project for ACTUAL developments of real goods & services. WTF are they thinking? (or not thinking as the case may be)


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