Medical Records Privacy | How to Vanish

There are various types of medical records privacy. Little attention has been given to the concept of medical records privacy especially in the field of medicine. In the medical setting, the average patient has general expectations that they will not be touched unnecessarily, or crowded with other patients or people. All these matters relate to dignity of the person, his security and very importantly, psychological comfort. Healthcare majorly involves the doctor coming into contact with the patient. However in the years to come, technologies that will upgrade the use of telecommunication will make it possible for health care service providers to perform their duties without having to come into direct contact with their patients.

One the medical record privacy is the right to solitude. It is obvious that any sick person would not want to be isolated or abandoned but at the same time such a person may desire to have some personal space or some amount of time alone. This will give the patient a good opportunity to think and reflect about any issues or problems that he may be faced with and come up with solid decisions may be regarding the mode of treatment he wants and so on.

Modesty is another form of civilian privacy right that has aroused some form of special interest in the field of medical ethics. Where a patient intends to receive the best health care they must be willing to follow the doctor’s instruction. If a doctor or physician requires that the patient removes his clothing, the patient should do just that. However as regards modesty concerns this should be done in a private room away from busy areas in the health care facility.

Physician should therefore provide garment that the patient can put on to avoid over exposing his or her body, and also curtains that will give the patient adequate amount of privacy. Patients should only be asked to uncover part of their body necessary for the treatment to be carried and only for that particular period of time. The other aspect of physical privacy is bodily integrity. Sometimes compulsory testing and evaluation of the patient’s health may negatively affect the bodily integrity by compelling persons to subject their bodies to undesired touching and inspection. The court have permitted a urine testing of children and people in jobs tied to public safety that can be done without obtaining their consent. Drivers may also be compelled to screening of alcohol intoxication levels at designated roadblocks or in emergency units of hospitals after occurrence of accidents to promote road safety. However the use of technology such as lie detecting gadgets have been said to be a show of disrespect to the person and thus negatively impacts on the bodily integrity of a person.

Physical privacy dictates that there should be a considerable amount of respect accorded for the intimacy of certain experiences such as general suffering, death, recovery or childbirth. Associational privacy sets in in instances where people undergoing certain emotions as a result of their medical experience, want to be with certain family members and friends and with some others. The concept of privacy in general is very wide and different writers and critiques have come up with different opinions. These opinions have been backed up by their own reasoning and thus cannot be said to be either right or wrong.

Hopefully, you now have an idea of medical record privacy, and how they can help you to take control of and protect your personal privacy. And remember: ALWAYS go that extra mile to protect your personal information by implementing stealth tactics from sources like How To Vanish The Book, or Free Privacy Guide.

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