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Sayer Ji, Contributor
Activist Post

What if 90% of the peer-reviewed clinical research, the holy grail of the conventional medical system, is exaggerated, or worse, completely false?

A seismic shift is occurring in the field of evidence-based medicine that a rare few are aware of, but which will (and likely already does) affect everyone, as the standard of medical care today largely follows from this model.

The very life’s blood of ‘evidence-based’ medicine — peer-reviewed and published clinical research results – which legitimizes the entire infrastructure and superstructure upon which conventional medical knowledge and practice is erected, has been revealed as mostly and patently false.

Case in point: in a 2005 essay, “Why Most Published Research Findings are False,” and which is the most downloaded document of all time on PLoS, the Public Library of Medicine’s peer-reviewed, open access journal, John P. A Ioannidis explains in detail how…

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Doug Casey: The US Is Now The United (Police) State Of America | ZeroHedge

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…the US Constitution was essentially a coup; the delegates to what we now call the Constitutional Convention were not empowered to replace the existing government – only to improve upon the Articles of Confederation between the then-independent states.  The framers of the Constitution drafted it with the notion of a national government already in place, but calmed fears of loss of state sovereignty by calling the new government the “United States of America” – a verbal sleight of hand that worked for over half a century.  Then the southern states decided to exercise what these words imply, their right to leave the union… and as the government becomes more powerful, it’s completely predictable that everything – including the justice system – will become ever more politicized… As great as a US citizen’s risk is in the marketplace these days, the greatest single risk to their wealth and health is the government... via ZeroHedge

Militant Socialism in America | American Thinker

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“…For the past four years, the Obama administration has created a Franco-German welfare state whose sole purpose is to forge a majority political coalition wedded to the Democratic Party.” The explosion of food stamps, the bailouts — all translated into an ‘I got mine, not gonna worry about anybody else‘ mentality that has ruptured this country into two camps:  There are those who pay and there are those who expect the payment without any effort on their part…

Which is why the 1952 piece by Elia Kazan titled “Where I Stand” needs to see the light of day again…” click here: Militant Socialism in America

A memo to liberals

“To all you Liberals: If we were as scary as you think we are, you would all be dead by now.  Some of us are scarier than you can imagine, and we are everywhere! We are inside your head! We are your worst nightmare. Be afraid!  Be very afraid!”Something Wicked Comes blog

The Madness of a Lost Society | SGT Report

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A front row seat for the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiation show…

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Safety and order | K.I.S.S.

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“… It is force, or threat of it, which lies behind every stop sign, every building code, every ordinance, every law. By what right do people have to force their will on another man? Just so they can have “safety” and “order”? Those that would commit crimes against another still do, regardless. It is the peaceful man who is harmed by these laws, not the criminals. That is the greater tyranny…”  Mayberry at h/t Remus


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