You Ready to Get Serious Now? You Ready to Listen? | Ann Barnhardt

  1. Tax strike
  2. Media strike
  3. Financial market strike
  4. Cancel your health insurance
  5. Start thinking aggressively and here

Now do you understand why I had precious little to say about the “election”? The results of this election were determined in 2008, including the faux-opposition candidate. You people who have spent the last several months breathlessly agonizing over this, analyzing fake polls and deluding yourselves into believing that this was somehow a legitimate operation are just sad. You’re like the people in Iraq who supported the opposition candidate to Saddam Hussein for all of those years. Yes, Saddam Hussein held “elections”. Regularly. That is what happened here yesterday. We had a Saddam Hussein “election”.

This can all be summed up in one simple sentence that I have been screaming from the rooftops ever since November of 2008:  These people are NEVER going to walk away.

The Republic was overthrown in a neo-Stalinist putsch four years ago. Stalinists don’t walk away. Ever. Stalinists don’t hold elections – they put on shows to delude the masses, which they consider to be vermin, into believing that they still have some say and some degree of freedom. And when even that gets tiresome for them, they start slaughtering people. By the tens of millions.

Note that all of the so-called pundits on the so-called “right” are avoiding the issue of massive voter fraud. They’re all just spewing the same nonsense as ever:

The fight has just begun! This is when the real hard work begins! Yay! We’ll show ’em in 2016! Yay!

Meanwhile, here in the land of reality, my inbox is filling with emails from people who are just now realizing that they are probably going to die an unnatural death, and probably within the next several years.

But it’s cool, because Ace put up a recipe thread today. Spit on one’s hands and hoist the black flag, indeed!

So, what to do now? I have several action items for you. These are all re-hash, but I’ll put them together and re-post them because maybe, just maybe, you people are actually ready to listen and do something.

1. TAX STRIKE.  If you are self-employed, stop paying quarterlies and DO NOT FILE next April. Boehner rolled over this morning and announced that the “Republicans” are gung-ho to raise taxes. They can only raise taxes on you if you pay taxes. Don’t pay. DO NOT FILE.

IF YOU ARE NOT SELF-EMPLOYED and your employer withholds your taxes, all you have to do is increase THE NUMBER OF EXEMPTIONS YOU CLAIM. Exemptions are NOT just wife-and-kids. People who make large charitable donations kick up their exemptions, as do people with big mortgages. In theory, there is no maximum to the number of exemptions you can claim, but 9 is considered to be the “normal” maximum. Go to your human resources / payroll department tomorrow and tell them you want to increase your exemptions and thus decrease your withholding as much as possible. Then, next April, DO NOT FILE.

There is exactly ONE non-violent remedy left to you, and that is a tax strike. If you do not do this, you are guaranteeing, and I mean 1000% guaranteeing, that there will be a massive hot war and genocide in the United States within the next decade. Go find a good teenaged boy. Look into his eyes, and then understand that if we do not starve the Putsch Regime in Washington, that boy will almost certainly die in the war.

2. MEDIA STRIKE.  If you do not now understand that the media is enemy number one of you, your family, this culture and of God; if you do not understand that the media is SATANIC, then you are either terminally stupid or you are hopelessly addicted to the satanic filth, agitporn and lies yourself. Pick up the phone, call the cable or satellite company and TURN THE SHIT OFF NOW.

Oh, and by the way, I found out how much you are paying for each cable channel. It is roughly $0.12 per month per channel. I saw this figure in a recent story about Algore’s Stalinist propaganda channel, Current TV, which they are now trying to sell. Current TV goes into 60 million homes and has annual revenues from their cable and satellite royalties of $86 million. That is $0.12 per subscriber per month. So, you are offering that “pinch of incense” of $0.12 per month (at minimum) for every channel that is included in your cable or satellite package, including the sodomite channel, including MTV, including MSNBC, whether you watch it or not, and even if you block it on your cable box. Your money is still going to these outfits every month, and in doing so you proclaim that “caesar is lord”. St. Polycarp, pray for us.

3. FINANCIAL MARKET STRIKE.  Get out, get out, get out. Close every brokerage account without exception. When my economic presentation is posted within the next few days, you will clearly see why. Pull your bank accounts down to the bare minimum. Buy gold and silver. Keep some Federal Reserve Notes on hand. Pay off debt and hold clear title to as much as you possibly can. Start liquidating your stuff now if, like me, you are going to eventually lose your home, which should actually be in play for almost everyone except the very wealthy who don’t need to generate any income (and thus pay no taxes) to survive and and simply live off of their existing wealth. Anyone who generates income and declares a tax strike should start preparing now to have their home and the contents of their home seized. Thus, get rid of everything now so that there is nothing for them to seize.

4. CANCEL YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE.  Find cash-only doctors (general practitioners) operating in your area and establish a relationship with them now. Once you find a cash-only G.P., get a list of cash-only surgeons and surgery centers.

If you live anywhere near Oklahoma City, there is already an outstanding cash-only surgery center in your back yard. CLICK HERE TO BEHOLD THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE.

5. START THINKING AGGRESSIVELY AND OFFENSIVELY.  I’ll just give you an example so you know what I mean. I found out that when you don’t file with the IRS, what they do is “subpoena” your bank statements from your bank, and then they simply go in and add up all of the credits in your bank account and IGNORE ALL OF THE DEBITS. No expenses are recognized whatsoever. Every dollar “in” is considered to be pure, fully-taxable income.

Sounds horrible, right? Especially if you are a business owner like me, right?

So, how do I make this work for me? Simple. I’m going to get some cash deposited into the bank in a quantity that I am prepared to lose, and then I am going to login to my online banking interface and sit here all blessed day and transfer that quantity of money between my bank accounts. I’m hoping to “generate” “income” in the form of credit entries on my bank statements into the eight figures.

In theory, if I had enough of a cash base, I could literally offset the entire national debt by “generating income” for the IRS in this way. But, I’ll just target an eight-figure “taxable” income for 2012. Heh. See what I’m getting at here? You don’t cower. You RUN AT THEM.

If those rat bastards want to play, I’m their huckleberry.

Say when.

h/t western rifle shooter’s blog

3 thoughts on “You Ready to Get Serious Now? You Ready to Listen? | Ann Barnhardt

  1. The Bard of the American Redoubt 11/09/2012 / 2:26 AM

    I don’t think most people will follow you into the tax strike. People are not willing to give up the “little bit” they have in the game. And I can’t say much because I am unwilling too. If people are not willing to give up their stuff to make their point, do you really think they will willing to pick up a weapon and face death? I don’t. I fear that all of this talk … is just that, talk. However I might be wrong and we will see.


  2. mike and brandy 11/09/2012 / 8:34 AM

    uh… wow. i just don’t know about the extremity of all this.


  3. veritaze 11/09/2012 / 11:17 PM

    Reblogged this on Veritaze and commented:
    Despite Barnhardt’s moonbat anti-Islamic religious rhetoric, I have to admit she is damn cute with her little pink AK and sassy act. Also she does have credibility in the financial sector. Much of this is well-intended, but Obama has an unlimited source of unemployed deadbeats with the malicious personality and brainwashing (read: zombies) to be employed as tax collectors and the like. I’d rather just give Caesar what Caesar is due since it is his filthy counterfeit anyway. After I turn my share into things of actual value, anyway…


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