Attack the System

by Rachel Haywire

Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That is the old cliche, isn’t it? Of course many of us know better than to completely discount physical appearances. We look at Asians and assume they are smart. We look at African Americans and assume they are athletic. Biodiversity is an important part of human existence and to pretend like it doesn’t exist is to ignore the complexity of genetics.

Yet this isn’t another article about how we aren’t one-big-happy-family. To be honest, I have read enough articles like that to last me a rebellious-teeenager-in-California lifetime. This is an article about how there is no such thing as a “liberal gene.” I will set out to explain why assigning someone a political viewpoint based on their appearance is nothing short of ignorant.

“How can you, like, dress in an alternative way when you are not a liberal? Don’t…

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