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U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup turned down a motion by the Justice Department to dismiss former Stanford student Rahinah Ibrahim’s lawsuit against various federal government agencies over her reported inclusion on the no-fly list as well as an incident in September 2005 where she was barred from taking a flight from San Francisco and detained for a couple of hours.  Alsup, who sits in San Francisco, also refused the Justice Department’s offer to show him affidavits from law enforcement officials which the government would not share with Ibrahim or her attorneys…

“Here the government seeks to affirmatively use allegedly privileged information to dispose of the case entirely without ever revealing to the other side what its secret evidence might be … Only in the rarest of circumstances should a district judge, in his or her discretion, receive ex parte argument and evidence in secret from only one side aimed at winning or ending a case over the objection of the other side. Here, the government has not justified its sweeping proposal.  It has gone so far as even to redact from its table of authorities some of the reported caselaw on which it relies! This is too hard to swallow…” Alsup wrote.

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Brace For an Avalanche of Unfunded Debt | US News & World Report

…Merely to avoid going deeper into debt, to cope with the speed at which compound interest is growing the real debt annually, we would have to collect $8 trillion in taxes each year, Cox and Archer point out.  And here’s the nub of it: All individuals filing tax returns in the country with incomes over $66,198 have a total adjusted gross income of about $5.2 trillion.  The total corporate taxable income (at its peak in 2006) amounted to $1.6 trillion.  This means that we have a maximum of roughly $7 trillion available if the government confiscated the entire gross income of individuals and corporations—not nearly enough to cover the yearly growth of U.S. liabilities

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Out of the Crab Bucket

All over the world; every people group has been affected by misguided minds that:
1) Value others as Nothing, worst than Nothing!
2) Lack a sense of Right & Wrong
3) Take what Belongs to Others
4) Exploit the Labors of others
5) Rape and Torture to Death others
6) Use Starvation as a way to eliminate those who aren’t warped like themselves
7) Create a Wasteland in the culture they overpowered

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