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The BATFE has proposed the reclassification of rifle ammunition that can be shot out of guns like the Thompson-Center Contender and regulate it like pistol ammunition.  What that means to us is that rifle ammunition that they would consider “armor piercing” would become more tightly regulated, which is my euphemism for “impossible to get”.  This would include the inexpensive surplus and Eastern European ammunition we use for plinking.  It will also restrict full metal jacket rifle ammunition, which is the bread and butter of anyone who enjoys precision shooting.

Please reach out to the BATFE and tell them that you disagree with these proposed regulations.  Be respectful, but be firm.  If we’re going to fight gun control in the legislature and the courts, we have to fight unreasonable regulation of the ammunition for those guns.

Addition – I forgot to mention that the window for comments closes on December 31…

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