Out of the Crab Bucket

All over the world; every people group has been affected by misguided minds that:
1) Value others as Nothing, worst than Nothing!
2) Lack a sense of Right & Wrong
3) Take what Belongs to Others
4) Exploit the Labors of others
5) Rape and Torture to Death others
6) Use Starvation as a way to eliminate those who aren’t warped like themselves
7) Create a Wasteland in the culture they overpowered

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2 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO TYRANNY

  1. Brittius 01/01/2013 / 12:14 PM

    The Founding Fathers would puke if they ever saw what a mockery of Freedom this 21st Century America is shaping up to be.
    FACT: Adolph Hitler, invented Gun Control.
    FACT: Some seven or eight Jews, armed with 19th Century (vint: 1800s) low grade arms, held the entire Nazi Army at bay for nearly a week before the Warsaw Ghetto was raped. Whomsoever those Jews were, there should be a bronze monument to in their honor, as they were defenders of Freedom, who eventually paid the ultimate price with their lives, and have gone all but forgotten by history. Think what would have happened if more of the Warsaw Ghetto population had guns? The Waffen SS troops were in abject fear of door-to-door combat with the little squad of partisan Jews.
    FACT: Adolph Hitler, first ran up against the Italian Army in the Alto Di Adige Region, but retreated because Musellini’s army were well armed and the Alpini Troops meant to kill each and every Nazi soldier there, as they did in World War One (FYI: My maternal grandfather was a trooper with the Alpini in World War One).
    FACT: All tyrannies begin with how they are your friend, and only they know what is best for you.
    FACT: It’s all about power, domination, and taxation.
    FACT: Far better it is, to place a tyrant in their place, before they place you in your eternal resting place. They will write and rewrite misguided history and vilify you.
    FACT: Unchecked tyranny is like an unchecked and spreading cancer. It never stops until it completely destroys the host.
    FACT: Tyrants will never live in peace. They move on, to the next item on their agenda of conquest. Ask Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Mihn, the nut in Iran, and others.
    Fact: Given the opportunity, tyranny will be coming to your community.., and sooner than you think.
    FACT: Welfare is merely a liberal form of robbery, to take from those whom earned their keep, to give to those who feel that they are entitled to something they never earned, because liberals have made it rote that if they are in power, there will be, “Change”.


  2. Brittius 01/01/2013 / 12:27 PM

    SPQR= Senatus Populus Que Romanus (The Senate and People of Rome). It means, “You will be assimilated into us, or be killed.”
    My ancestor Consul of Rome, and General of the Imperial Roman Army, Brittius (Pronounced: Breet-C-us) said, “Qui obvium iri mihi pugna, pereo”. “Those who oppose me in conflict, perish”.
    Think about it. They meant business. How many people unkown in number lost their lives, were enslaved, all for wanting to live, in peace.
    It’s something that humbles me. I must live with it. There were a sham of checks-and-balances, which resulted in the degenerates seizing power of Rome, and completely ruined all the hard work and traditional establishment of civilization.
    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is there for a valid reason, and it was paid for, in blood. HONOR AMERICA!


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