Repeat After Me … This Is Not About Guns , This Is About CONTROL


Gun Owners Like Me Are Not The Problem And Taking Our Guns Away Won’t Reduce Gun Crime




” Of course, the well meaning, but naïve, people who believe the problem lies in the private ownership of firearms are out there beating the drum, while those whose purposes are not as noble are leading the way and self-serving politicians are coming out of the woodwork just itching to pass another meaningless piece of feel-good legislation that will mean about as much to illegal gun owners as the ones already on the books now.

Our problem is not a lack of gun laws; we have enough now to paper the south wall of the Grand Canyon. We just need to enforce them.

How about we start at the top by forcing Eric Holder to tell the truth about Fast and Furious?

How about we bust the people who deal…

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2 thoughts on “Repeat After Me … This Is Not About Guns , This Is About CONTROL

  1. Mr.B 01/01/2013 / 6:23 PM

    Ahhh… What a wonderful note to start off the New Year. And.., the second term, has not even begun! Oh.., I didn’t mean to spell “gun”. How can I better phrase this? Yo, de seckin term ain’t begin.

    The stupid liberals and their dolts cannot figure out why, firearms of every imaginable sort, are being sold in shops across America, at Record numbers.
    All the gun grabbing talk will effectively arm just about every household. Do the liberals understand that there are people absolutely livid at the prospect of infringement of their Second Amendment RIGHTS?
    Here’s where the USGovt computer system goes down due to being flooded with Background Information Checks.
    Maybe it really is getting closer to a time when Americans get fed up and end up scrapping the entire government system, but then again, the politicians themselves destroyed an otherwise noble form of Republic as outlined by our Founding Fathers.
    A truly sad commentary. My apologies to our Founding Fathers, and I spit on all socialist liberal pieces of shit.


  2. Mr.B 01/01/2013 / 6:34 PM

    If only the government and the socialist liberals were as concerned about Operation Fast & Furious, as they are about damaging the People’s Second Amendment RIGHTS.
    Maybe they can call one of those druglords and ask if they have a spare .50 cal rifle to cover 1-mile or 1 1/2-miles, because the imbeciles in DC let those weapons fall into the hands of people that outright are determined to cause harm to America. What ever happened that the MURDER of a US Border Patrol Agent, which apparently was Authorized by virtue of complicity, by our own government? Hell, who killed Vincent Foster?
    It’s not that I am overly suspicious, it’s just that I at times have, well.., these Conspiracy Theories. Jesse?? Where are you, Ventura???
    (Jesse, you have to tell us, what’s going on. This stuff is far beyond late night radio.)


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