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Hitler1a-247x300…Our nation has entered into the last stages of fascism. Both parties have supported this path since Hoover and FDR of the 1930s, both parties are guilty. The only way to avoid a repeat of Germany 1933-45 is to go all out to defeat fascism here in America by any means necessary.

That means renouncing the programs that transfer power to the federal government such as social security, Medicare, education, transportation, and banking regulations, everything that allows centralized planning needs to be opposed. This means conservatives have to stop giving capitalism lip service and embrace the free enterprise system.

We need to understand government produces nothing; they can only create poverty, death, and destruction….


What is so terrible if there is no budget deal?

Let the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts go into effect. The key phrase being “automatic spending cuts.”

Why do we need to extend the debt ceiling?

The federal government collects $2.7 trillion in taxes, is this not enough to run a national government?

Why do we need to borrow, tax, or print another $1 trillion to pay who?

Why can’t the people receiving federal money sacrifice?

Why are the producers always asked to sacrifice?

If the economy implodes because of fiscal discipline imposed at the federal level then implosion came a few months early, let it implode, get it over with. It’s not the job of the federal government and Federal Reserve to “save” the economy. Central planning, USSR, communist China, Europe, always fails. The federal government will never save the economy, it can only tax, borrow, or get the Federal Reserve to print money. Only capitalism puts food on the table. The federal government produces nothing.

1936 Fascist Germany. That is where the USA is today.

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2 thoughts on “Fascist America and Forming a New Conservative Party | USA WethePeople

  1. Mr.B 01/02/2013 / 8:58 AM

    I believe that you may perhaps be a bit off target on this issue. As a registered Conservative, my philosophy is, “You don’t have it – You don’t spend it”.
    The federal government was established for one singular purpose, and that remains, the defense of America. Too often in history, passing the buck on issues that individual States would avoid additional expenses to their citizens and the feeling that the federal government would do a better job at providing social programs or at least mete a degree of fairness by having a level playing field across all states lead to overburdening the primary reason for the existence of the federal government itself. Today it is a known fact that members of Congress are profiteering with so many programs as taxation ultimately leads to higher Congressional salaries not to mention the lobbyists’ efforts to curry favor.
    A Balanced Budget Amendment is an absolute necessity because unchecked spending is one of the many roots of corruption and, we must have an America worthy of giving to our grandchildren and future generations of Americans that are yet unborn. Tasking children of today and tomorrow to the yoke, while we pop champagne corks, is irresponsibility in its most base form.
    There remains no argument that Social Security does not meet the needs for which it was intended. The sole purpose was to augment later years however, it turned into a retirement system crutch, as fiscal responsibilities were not addressed properly by most small business employers, plus the need to work a job to provide income for one’s family lead to most people opting to worry about Social Security when they crossed that bridge. The years went by quickly. No accountability of the slush fund created by persons dying early and their contributions not paid out lead to the floodgates opening to a host of numerous entry points of people enabled to collect fraudulently or collecting far more than they could ever contribute. Meaning, the Social Security system soon turned into a classic Ponzy Scheme, but politicians knew that they could never be reelected if the matter, was in fact corrected, so the attitude was to let the next person address the problem at a date in the future and let that individual, be the bad guy. It was complete irresponsibility and remains so up to this moment.
    The issue of insolvency of the federal government is established in the refusal to return to the Gold Standard. I believe it was in the early summer of 1966, that near panic went through the streets because gold had reached $280.00 per ounce, and as explained to me, if gold hit $300.00 per ounce, America would be bankrupt. During the Nixon Administration, arms manufacturing related to the Vietnam War had gave a need, for removal of the US Dollar from the Gold Standard and the printing presses never stopped running since. To place America on austerity was decried as being un-American. Today, Australia has little debt because of self imposed austerity. Russia, endured hardship after hardship with austerity and has zero debt. The British Sterling Pound is strong. America, is not on the Gold Standard and the printing presses are operating pall mall, and we find our US Dollar is now on the (Toilet) Paper Standard, which is only valuated at the price of Good Will, or the very paper which the Dollar is printed upon. Talk about Blind Faith!
    At the conclusion of the Second World War, we brought baseball to Japan and they learned the game very well and beat us just about every time. We brought Capitalism to China and they picked up on it exceptionally well, as they now understand their might as a fiscal world leader. China purchased much of America’s debt, and many businesses located in America, plus untold tangible assets right here in America, like real estate. The Chinese government wants payment and America cannot put that bill collector on hold much longer. There are few traditional jobs remaining in America. We produce next to nothing. We are going to have international legal issues if America refuses China the right to seize their property and keep them off of US soil. America went into conflict after conflict globally, and reached a point where the US will soon bankrupt itself if further actions are taken up in foreign lands on foreign issues, so the United Nations taking lead will result in lessening the fiscal burden of US taxpayers as UN member nations will distribute the costs to respective participating nations but also carries burden of foreign troops being garrisoned on US soil, which, like keeping the Chinese troops off US soil, is in direct conflict of the Monroe Doctrine. A quagmire, at best.
    Per, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, of the Washington Post, if the proposed Obama tax hikes were ever in fact levied against US taxpayers, it would be useless as a doubling of the proposed Obama tax hikes would only enable the federal government to sustain its operations for only ninety days. A complete farce. This does not address the upcoming 2014 ObamaCare mandate forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance. Already the prices of healthcare tripled with expectation of the golden goose belonging to their elite membership of healthcare providers. This will result in the demand at some point exceeding revenues collected and then, the old and infirm will be written off. Stop smoking, live well, and die in fear and scorn, anyway.
    The Big Picture must include a reduction of salaries, pensions, and benefits, which federal employees attained through the Collective Bargaining Process is needed but nobody is willing to give up anything. The US taxpayer is tasked with a greater demand of revenue levied via IRS which only compounds the burden and problems that American families face during harsh fiscal and economic times as we are now experiencing. I must conclude as a registered Conservative that Bill Clinton, was fabulous as he took extremely excellent care of America’s economy. The question remains, was it due to him having a Republican Congress, or in spite of it? This is why many Conservatives respect and listen to Bill Clinton on monetary issues related to the US economy. The balancing act of maintaining a sound fiscal budget continues to be unpopular for a host of reasons and appears to remain that way because we have been reduced to a nation of individuals. FDR, a Democrat in days of old, brought all Americans together, and we were even more divided as individuals back then, when Churchill was literally begging for help, but the Imperial Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor, and then Hitler, the consummate politician, immediately declared war on America. Problem solved. All Americans had something at stake and something to risk. Peril of loss of life to the common citizen of the US was now a reality.
    Can Obama be a good president? Only if he wants to. He’s a regular guy, and an outstanding familyman. There were presidents who in my opinion were bigger bums. Pandering to socialist liberal agenda is equally as dangerous as pandering to Hitler’s Reich. My own desire for presidential candidate withdrew during the Republican Primaries as he was vilified for placing America First, by going to work for Obama as an ambassador to China. I conclude that a presidential ticket of Huntsman-Ridge, would have been far better than what floated to the top this past presidential election. Perhaps, the Conservative Party will consider a Huntsman-Ridge ticket in 2016, or Rudy Giuliani for President, but let’s face it, money talks, and where there is money and lots of it, there also is rooted, corruption. It take big bucks to finance a presidential election.
    My apologies for a sobering view. It’s a very serious matter. It’s a most serious group of topics.

    For the Record: I personally have ZERO debt.


  2. economics9698 01/02/2013 / 11:46 AM

    Nixon went off the Bretton Woods “gold standard” in 1971 when there were 3 times as many dollars as gold reserves backing those dollars at $35 a ounce.

    The best fiscal policy would be a spending limit based on a percentage of the GDP pegged at 18% based on the previous year. Actually 10% would be better but I would settle for 18% at this stage of the game.

    Taxes in a perfect world would be a “fair tax” but I would gladly settle for a 17% flat tax with no corporate or capital gains taxes.

    A balanced budget amendment could be undermined with a Value Added Tax (VAT) which would enable the federal government to exceed the seemingly natural limit of a little over 18% of the GDP it has been collecting for 67 years with a cooperate and personal tax system.


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