Democide Prevails When Law Abiding Citizens Do Nothing


3 thoughts on “Democide Prevails When Law Abiding Citizens Do Nothing

  1. Mr.B 01/06/2013 / 3:04 PM

    I am very curious about a few things…
    How is it, that Vermont has no law regarding the purchase or carrying of concealed weapons, as I understand this accurately, yet has a low crime rate and low homicide rate?
    Other States very interesting also are, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Florida, Louisiana. By the media’s reporting, you would think that being an undertaker would be like hitting the jackpot or, that the police would need a deck of cards to number the body count, yet this is not so when all the figures are examined.
    It appears that in States and communities where prohibitive laws and paranoid police executives lord it over by denying, delaying, or circumventing people from exercising their Second Amendment Rights there is found higher crime rates and higher murder rates.
    It looks that way to me. Thirty Two States have relatively little problems, yet the liberal band plays on…


  2. Mr.B 01/06/2013 / 3:07 PM

    The liberal band plays on like the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Sym-Phoney. The Laurel & Hardy themesong. 😉


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