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The President IS going to act…they’re executive orders, executive action, that can be taken…we haven’t decided what that is yet, but we’re compiling it all with help of the attorney general and, uhh, and all the rest of the cabinet members, as well as the legislative action we believe is required… via Modern Survival Blog.

RANT WARNING: So, as followers of this blog have figured out I don’t usually opine much, preferring to let the things I cross post speak for themselves.  I fear we are at the threshold, however, of some new and nasty developments in this latest act in our ‘gun control’ kabuki theater and I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Mr. Biden – a man I believe to be among the stupidest and most useless psychopaths to have crawled off capitol hill – has said that your Imperial President intends to abrogate the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution based upon his unilateral, executive whim.  Obama’s motives and backers notwithstanding, this sort of move is exactly WHY there is a Bill of Rights and a 2nd Amendment.

We are in deep, deep trouble here folks whether anything comes of this attempt and civilian disarmament or not.  I am no Constitutional scholar (neither, it seems, is Barry Soetoro) but I have a decent grasp of logic:  If one takes and oath to uphold a set of laws, how can one unilaterally violate those laws with impunity and retain one’s office, let alone one’s freedom?

I am not naive.  There certainly will be ample legal-abracadabra-sophistry flowing sewage-like out of  AG Holder’s office.  And this will provide enough cover for the MSM mynah-birds to parrot (too many bird refs?).  The media shills will have the requisite number of soundbites to create just enough new truth for the sheeple to internalize before returning their collective gaze to Snooki and the Kardashians.  Maybe Holder’s minions will simply boilerplate some of John Yoo‘s blessing of Dick Cheney’s ‘enhanced interrogation’.  The Imperial Executive is, by no means, a Democrat invention.

But make no mistake, the cover will be just that – cover.  There will be no substantive legal / ethical / moral reason explained for further gutting your God-given protections and imperatives under the 2nd amendment because there is none, nor can there be.

Unfortunately the barn door was left open a long time ago, and curtailment of your 2A protection has been swallowed by the People but this has in my view been illegal and unethical.  That is, we have a God-given right (and I believe a God-given duty) to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors from evil-doers.  To do this one must have adequate means to accomplish such a defense, and accept the burdens and responsibilities that comes with the same.

But, the oligarchs don’t care about that.  They don’t care about duty to self, or the aggregated wisdom of a collection of free, liberty minded individual citizens,  Sadly, such is in their mind a mob, or near enough to one, and just one more problem to be managed.  You are a problem or potential problem to be managed, and managed in a way that fits into someone’s vision, and rest assured that the  someone doing the vision-ing definitely is NOT you.

In the words of that great American philosopher George Carlin: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it! You and I are not in the big club.”

The guns will have to go because, you see, they are not part of the vision, and if you have them you may not stay on your side (the outside) of the fancy velvet ropes with the brass clasps.  Sorry folks.

Unfortunately for my sanity, however, I see it another way:  WE the people are not the problem.  WE simply have our own vision of how things are and how they should go, could go.  WE can make decisions about what is right and what is wrong.  WE are where the power in this nation resides, and where anything worth defending is found.  WE are the ones with moral justification to speak freely, to assemble, to publish our thoughts, to not incriminate ourselves, to petition the government, to keep and bear arms…

I will be keeping my arms especially the scary looking black ones.  No Government functionary will be getting them because I have the moral standing to defy an illegal, unconstitutional regulation or order.  That standing is self evident from the US Constitution, from the Natural Law from which it grew, as well as from the oath I took a few years back in which I promised the defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  No bureaucrat or camo-clad stable boy is going render me and my family helpless against further politician-induced trauma, loss or deprivations. It’s that simple.

I am certainly not a ‘blaze of glory’ nut job, far from it. I’m meek and that’s what scares me a bit.  I am a fairly average, salt of the earth, meats n potatoes, sheep dog of a guy, son, husband, brother, dad, uncle.

And if  I feel this way, how many more of me are there?

Admiral Yamamoto knew…


Epilogue:  Is abrogation of the Constitution by an unlawful Executive Order the act of a domestic enemy?

4 thoughts on “Mr. Biden: I’ll be keeping my guns, you have gone too far | The Grey Enigma

  1. Webeers 01/10/2013 / 8:54 AM

    Reblogged this on Governed By Morons and commented:
    Executive orders DO NOT set aside the Constitution legally. When executive orders conflict with the supreme law of the land (The Constitution) they must be considered at illegal act.
    Court review is no safeguard since our Judges are appointed by our treasonous government and on the federal payroll.
    The educational community is heavily subsidized with grant money and tenure. They are there simply to provide intellectual cover and justification for the actions of our rouge state.
    State attorneys and county sheriffs must nullify the illegal power of our ruling tyrants. Each citizen must arm themselves. Furthermore, that armament should be on parity with whatever our rouge government has armed themselves with. That is what is clearly implied by the 2nd amendment, not to protect duck hunting.
    State and local law enforcement officials must side with citizens to further protect them from federal encroachment and abrogation of the freedoms of citizens granted by the Constitution, something most of them have taken an oath to protect. Otherwise they have sided with the tyrants.


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