Just Cruisin 2


Once again our president put a band-aid
on a broken leg. This group of career
elitists proclaimed that legislating the
legal gun owners will somehow stop the

And once again we will state this will
do nothing except look good on camera.
So many things are more important in this
issue than gun control.

Obama and his followers should just man
up and admit they don’t want us to have

The legal, registered, gun owners are
not the ones doing the shooting. It is,
in most cases, young men who are as
crazy as outhouse rats.

Federal privacy laws need to be changed
if one really wants to start the process
to stop the problem.

Currently it forbids telling schools or
authorities that someone has a mental
health problem.

In almost every shooting, the shooter
had a history of mental problems. People
need to be educated on what…

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  1. Mr.B 01/17/2013 / 10:21 AM

    God damned pathetic, when you figure that when I was in high school, mandatory testing of the Armed Forces Aptitude Test was administered. We had this little thing called Vietnam, and it was an all boys school so everyone 16 years or older had to take the test. I was 17 years old.You signed enlistment papers prior to the 4th quarter of graduating. Nanny Bloomberg being privileged, escaped. Now that scumbag and all the other liberal scumbags want to turn the Bill of Rights into the Bill of Privileges. I’m not surprised, my wife a Democrat believes in abortion, she believes in race mixing, believes in homosexuality as normal. She says that I am mental defective. Says that I am retarded for reading the Holy Bible and believing in Jesus Christ. Little wonder now, over the final insult of Article-II being destroyed, as each and every gun law beyond Article-II is unlawful and unconstitutional, she has gone into full Liberal Overdrive and wonders why at 40 years of marriage I am contemplating divorce. Enough is Enough. Guess when you bleed for Freedom, you have a different view from the worthless scumbag liberals. Pardon me for being in rare form and on a rant.


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