Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists

You know, given the co-occurrence of Government ‘drills’ with actual ‘tragedies’ on the same type (9/11, Sandy Hook, etc.), perhaps the biggest thing Big Brother could do to stem civilian fatalities would be to cancel any further drills!

That aside, here is another wake up call for us all.  Have you any doubt that the scary Muslim terrorist meme has lost it’s false flag voltage?  They are doing away with all pretense now:  The police state is not for the security OF you… it’s for their security FROM you.

Molon labe bitches. GE.

…A safety exercise involving police, national guard and emergency management officials in Portsmouth, Ohio was centered around the premise that individuals “disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment” plotted to use weapons of mass destruction to terrorize the local community.

Drill Characterizes Disgruntled Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists 180113drill

The exercise, which took place yesterday, was run by the Ohio Army National Guard 52nd Civil Support Unit, Scioto County first responders as well as local law enforcement.

“The make-believe scenario is timely,” reports WSAZ News Channel 3, “Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community….

via Prison Planet.com » Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists.

13 thoughts on “Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists

  1. Mr.B 01/18/2013 / 7:21 PM

    In law enforcement and military, this is known as “Green Light” training, where you are trained to pull the trigger on a target that you have been trained to do so reflexively. I’ve been through this training and that is how they brainwash the personnel “You are only shooting, Them…”
    If they start shooting “them” meaning Citizens, where the hell are they going to hide? In a locked down fortress? What of their families and homes? This is the nonsense people do not understand on either side, because everybody loses, but the fools continue to desire destruction of the US Constitution.
    When the government does this sort of thing, they in fact open themselves up to all the conspiracy and false flag allegation as being substantiated. As far as gun owners doing something destructive to America, maybe an extremist as that convicted felon I read about, he was from Ohio, the pieces are falling into place. The government would be in fact correct to drill for prevention of an event, that now is starting to make sense, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and not get jittery. But declaring the Citizens as Enemy, that will not do.
    Before 9/11, nobody drilled at all. Then they drilled for emergency medical situations. Then terrorist cell stuff. It is a rotten time, with everything on the globe happening and this is the very reason why the People should have the ability to not only defend the nation, but to help their local communities because they maintain the Right to Bear Arms. If we are disarmed, the liberals will never be able to defend themselves, and there are numerous events that prove if only one person had a gun, people would still be alive today. The news media is full of those stories we receive with disbelief and horror.
    As far as the training exercise is concerned, I think the scenario is valid.


    • The Grey Enigma 01/18/2013 / 7:30 PM

      I get it, and agree with your views mostly B …. but why in God’s name do we need the USANG to drill and train for such a low key domestic issue as, say, an escaped psychotic murder on the loose or even a fully armed phalanx of the Aryan Brotherhood for that matter. The staffing and equipment of the state police units of which I am familiar are – thanks to your increasing militarization of domestic police – more than sufficient for these eventualities. Or at least they had damned well better be with what they cost us. I am skeptical of the need for the crossover of regular Army folks to this domestic arena. Very.


      • Durable 01/18/2013 / 8:06 PM

        So, we should give the arms smuggling, money printing, tax abusing, disinformation distributing, works for the bankers government – the benefit of the doubt, while at the same time, assume that any of our neighbors might be domestic terrorists worthy of disarming or indefinitely detaining…I think not.


  2. thetinfoilhatsociety 01/18/2013 / 7:48 PM

    *sigh* Like any teachers or resource staffers are really going to plot a biologic attack on their own school. Where their own kids probably go, or at least they’re more than passingly familiar with the kids and other staffers. What idiocy.

    It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s really not: If more people had (carried) guns, fewer would die, in events like Sandy Hook anyway.


  3. Mr.B 01/18/2013 / 8:04 PM

    Tinfoil Hat: I doubt the concern is of the staff by what is discussed. You dislike guns and that’s you view. The drills I recall were of “Cousin Goober” down at the filling station by day, and by night he was something completely different. The drill had the “release” of a smoke grenade to mock a bio-chemical device. We laughed. Then it was Alex Jones, who said on his radio show of some persons running around with a metal drum of germs that were weaponized. Everyone was looking for three 55-gallon drums, and the Feds made an arrest in Las Vegas of a person possessing three oil can sized canisters of weaponized germs he was trying to sell. The next two drills after that event, we now went through it like it was “Combat Town”. We were shocked those oil can quart sizes each had capability to kill between 10,000 to 15,000 people. This is why I believe, and you may disagree, that the current drills are appropriate given the scenario.
    Grey Enigma: I too wondered why cross over of USMil into police matters, but maybe they feel the military is better equipped and trained for just this type of scenario. Better toys?


    • thetinfoilhatsociety 01/20/2013 / 12:30 PM

      Mr. B — I happen to be a 2nd amendment supporter. I don’t dislike guns and I don’t know how you could have possibly gotten that from my comment. In fact, based on the quote from the TV news story, my comment was exactly what the scenario IS based on. How stupid to think that home grown terrorists would target their own community. You don’t crap in the bed you sleep in, even a rat knows that. You don’t kill your own friends and family to make a point about the Consitution to those in power, you try to kill those in power.

      My point was that their scenario is completely based on their fantasy of how scary anyone who has guns is (other than themselves, of course, they themselves are ‘different’ and therefore immune). Is it realistic? In my opinion, as a former microbiology major and current health professional, no. It defies Murphy’s law, for one — you can’t really carry around 55 gallon drums of ‘weaponized’ bacteria/virus, or probably anything else, if you yourself want to live to see the outcome. And the idea that home grown terrorists like “goober” that you mention could possibly maintain a lab environment that could produce that quantity of anything lethal without killing themselves or their neighbors first defies belief. In my experience with the average neighborhood “goober” even a simple meth lab is too much to maintain, let alone a weaponized biologic production lab.

      Even quart sized containers are overkill in my opinion; it only takes very little to actually produce a pandemic if that’s the goal. And killing hundreds or thousands with bacterial weapons isn’t remotely realistic, it takes too long and too many survive. Remember the ricin incident in Japan a number of years ago? That didn’t go according to plan, which is typical. The Law of Unintendend Consequences always plays out in practice, however well one plans for otherwise, especially when you are on the ‘bad guy’ side.

      My point remains that our government, both at the local and the state/federal level, is becoming more paranoid of the average local citizen, completely failing to realize that their paranoia and militarization is what is directly influencing the citizen to mistrust the government. It’s quite a nice feedback loop, with the loss of liberties for the average person becoming more and more intolerable and inexorable as the era marches on.

      I rather suspect you were one of the ones setting this drill up, or one of the participants. You need people like me, those who oppose your viewpoints, because otherwise you are just creating an echo chamber. It’s nice to hear what your own voice sounds like, but it doesn’t tell you what you need to know.


      • Mr.B 01/21/2013 / 6:41 AM

        Tinfoil: Back then I guess they were trying to establish drills for a lawful purpose. I was one of the those who went around eating mud. Rather refreshing to read your expanded comments which sheds a knowledge upon topics of microbiology and its use/misuse. Kid, I don’t make any drills. Look at what is going on in our own land. People are in fact shitting where me, you, and everyone else not only eats but must live. But don’t forget this, it is the Government that has Lawful Authority and it remains so until they do anything grossly over the top stupid, and I don’t see that happening because of all the nonsense occurring over the past few years in particular, and absolutely nothing is done. Their organized crime bosses simply condone it, like Fast & Furious. Nothing happened. It will not be any cherry on the cake. Bottom Line is, they are stockpiling, drilling, gathering Intel, and they have the Second Amendment on their Agenda of Domination. You want them to stop drilling/personnel proficiency exercises, write Obama and explain to him you want our military and other State agencies to be more like Tiny Tim, tiptoeing though the tulips. If it makes everyone happy, I will stay off this page.
        Good bye.


      • The Grey Enigma 01/21/2013 / 2:19 PM

        Tinfoil: ( I love your name by the way) I see your point,but I really don’t believe the government is that afraid of us, the citizens, even the smart empowered ones, even the smart empowered psychotic ones that might have scary black automatic assault rifles. Frankly, like any other stupid bureaucracy, I think that most of these people are simply looking to justify themselves and their paychecks, and to jump through the hoops that there higher up bureaucrats to them to jump through, and so I fear by iteration and stupidity we inherit dumb things that evolve into dangerous things. For example, have you read that TSA is pulling out all of the “naked x-ray scanners” that they squandered millions of dollars on? if they were truly evil, truly malevolent by now we would have naked x-ray scanners in every men’s room of every grammar school from Bremerton to Miami. Sadly, they are just disasters, they are blowing holes in the bottom of the boat and telling us there occur trying to kill the sharks that might get us.


  4. Mr.B 01/18/2013 / 8:33 PM

    Durable: Everything is in flux, but we have to maintain some sort of equilibrium, or we will end up like somebody else on this page, and find ourselves wearing a Tinfoil Hat. The last thing a squad or platoon needs when under fire is confusion, panic, and nerves shot to hell. If you guys want me to leave this page, let me know.


  5. Brittius 01/21/2013 / 8:53 AM

    I think that I hit a raw nerve with the Tinfoil Hat because he/she/it says they are a Healthcare Professional, and I said elsewhere that Obama has made healthcare providers part of his machinery by asking patients if they own guns. I then went on to say that to render verdicts of Guilty for healthcare providers to make certain they know that asking about guns will result in higher insurance malpractice losses. Hence the comeback.
    Tinfoil: We agree on the Second Amendment, or at least you claim that, though I highly doubt it. I view you as a GOVERNMENT STOOGE because Obama turned you into a government stooge and the healthcare system, and I will bet, even YOU, did not oppose Obama because there is money to be made with ObamaCare hand over fist, and this new Power you have gives you authority. I remain the same, I will convict any healthcare provider/professional because of Obama turning you into a government stooge. You are part of Obama’s machine that is out to destroy the Second Amendment. You are a profiteer. I said what I needed to say and I sincerely apologized to our host, the Grey Enigma, for upsetting anyone on his page.


  6. The Grey Enigma 01/21/2013 / 2:16 PM

    Brittius: no worries… but frankly I didn’t see Tinfoil’s comments as way outside the Bell curve. Seemed to me his comment was that the machinations of the police / terrorist / scare state are becoming more absurd. And if I have that right, I agree with that point of view. Readers of this blog will know that one of my peeves is the militarization of domestic police… But I think you have it right: given their druthers the Progressives will use any means necessary to increase the size of central control and central planning, and the speed with which it aggregates. Take your pick, gun control, Obama care,NDAA, Internet control,… Every one of these was born of some urgent imperative from some god damn thing that we ought to be afraid of but we can’t really put our fingers on. I guess my problem is that I cannot envision any big organization – government or not – working any more efficiently for evil purposes than for good ones. I wish I could say that all of our shady leaders were as smart and evil as Zbigniew Brzezinski or Donald Rumsfeld, but fortunately or not they are not.

    The news may be a bit worse: we simply inherit the antecedent structures, imperatives, programs, thoughts and problems of the last set of stupid things we as a society and the government did and on top of this crumbly, malleable foundation we had new stupidity and much like the Hegelian dialectic we wind up with a brand-new, sitty cake. Thus I fear that things are going to get worse by degrees, even in the absence of planning, because of the compounded stupidity of poor central planning and thinking.

    Yes: they want your guns. But only the really smart ones know why they want them, the rest of the nitwits on the left just feel like it’s better that you don’t have them. But don’t forget their problem is our problem: they are saddled with the paucity of geniuses on the left that we are saddled with on the right…. How efficient can they possibly be at all this evil and malevolence??


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