Sandy Hook, Newtown CT shootings: An accumulated collection of facts, assertions and posts

Photo Credit: DesMoines Register

Updated 18 Jan 2013, 7:15PM EDT.  Grey Enigma.

Well the more I dig into all these conspiracy assertions, the less convinced I am that there is any ‘there’ there.  Most of the assertions that the shooting was embellished, staged, had factual errors etc. are not reasonable/  I.e. see here for an excellent synopsis-repsonse to all of that.  I find no compelling evidence that the shooting was any more than it was reported to be:  A murder spree, perpetrated by a nutjob.  If new evidence is published I might change my mind. GE.   ———

Previously I had stated:  The Sandy Hook / Newtown CT crimes puzzle me.  Having done a fair amount of forensic investigation in another life, there are so many things about this event that are too vague or coincidental to rule out some of what appear at first blush to be just kooky conspiracy theories.

In cases like this – i.e. where there is a lot of evidence, much of it testimonial and based on interviews of 1st hand witnesses and 2nd hand investigators – there will be few simple questions definitively answerable. Instead, the best a reviewer will be able to determine is simply the most reasonable inferences and explanations based upon the  facts and evidence.

In other words, an arms length review / investigation of what is known about the matter must be inductive, iterative and subjective.  This does not mean unscientific or arbitrary, simply that an investigation / review must be logical and unbiased.  All investigators have biases and so here, up front, are mine that I must not allow to prejudice my conclusions and inferences:

  1. I am a strong advocate for the right of citizens to keep and bear arms;
  2. I do not trust government, especially that of Barack Obama;
  3. I know a little bit about the region of the crimes at issue.

The official storyline at present seems to be that on December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza (age 20) reportedly shot twenty children and six adult staff members and wounded two at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in the town of Newtown, Connecticut.  Before driving to the school, Lanza had reportedly killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, by shooting her in the face 4 times at their Newtown home.  After killing students and staff members, Lanza reportedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head as first responders arrived.

Adam Lanza has been described by various sources as marginally mentally-ill and / or suffering a personality disorder.  There have been numerous red herring arguments put forth asserting a connection between brain medications and acts of violence, but to date I have seen no proof that Adam had been prescribed or taken any such medication.

Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan Lanza (age 24) was reportedly at work in Manhattan at the time of the shooting, but was arrested and – likely – incorrectly identified by police.  Their father was Peter Lanza. Currently Lanza is employed as the tax director and vice president of taxes at GE Energy Financial Services.  (The elder Mr. Lanza was reportedly scheduled to testify at a LIBOR rate rigging scandal hearing, as was Aurora-shooter John Holmes father, but it seems that both accusation of a LIBOR connection are likely false. See here for an interesting read.

John Dilligent at The Dirty Low Down Blog as done an excellent job summarizing timeline, facts and assertions in his post called SANDY HOOK: THE LATEST EVIDENCE.  See it here.

The Intel Hub has an article on a concurrent active shooter drill being conducted on the same day in neighboring Carmel, in Putnam County, NY.  See here.  And later published another post questioning  “Why has no surveillance footage been released from the Sandy Hook shooting, showing Adam Lanza blasting away with an AR-15?”  see here.

Truth in Spades blog has posted this video of an actor Eugene Rosen camping up some bad drama as a first hand observer of some kids in the area. see here…

and here from The Invisible Opportunity: Hidden Truths Revealed

7 thoughts on “Sandy Hook, Newtown CT shootings: An accumulated collection of facts, assertions and posts

  1. tx 01/15/2013 / 4:15 PM

    Dude, I’m not sure if you’re trying to be serious…if it’s a joke, i apologize i didnt get it. But if you’re for real, please seek help. You’re not well.


    • The Grey Enigma 01/15/2013 / 6:50 PM

      ‘Dude’ these are some of the published assertions, timelines, and facts…. I do recognize that these things may be lies or red herrings, but i leave it for the readers to decide. What in your considered opinion do you think should I be doing differently? What solid evidence do you have that this stuff I am posting is crap? Please elaborate and cite, and I will post that too. I am more than happy to be proved wrong on anything. Thx, GE.


  2. Mr.B 01/18/2013 / 1:40 PM

    to: Sandy Hook-
    Please remove “Visitors Welcome” from the sign.
    The media is having a field day with it at the expense of so many, and the media is profiting from the event.
    Thank you.


  3. John R. Gabourel 02/24/2013 / 6:09 PM

    Thanks for taking a pragmatic approach to the subject. Too many folks are using this tragedy to further their personal agendas.


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