The Fort Hood Shooting vs. the Gun Control media | via YouViewed\Editorial

Well stated at YouViewed\Editorial blog (I have edited for emphasis):

When you look at recent mass shootings that have occurred recently there is one specific incident that is very rarely if ever mentioned by the liberal media and Gun Control advocates.

The Ft. Hood Shooting is never cited or discussed or even mentioned by the Anti’s and Gun grabbers like Bloomberg, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, McCarthy or Cuomo. They only cite the TucsonAurora and Sandy Hook events as reason to restrict law abiding citizens their rights. WHY?

One must make a few assumptions to uncover why they rarely if ever cite the Ft. Hood mass shooting in their quest to deny law abiding citizens their 2nd Amendment rights.

  1. …because it occurred on a military installation while Obama was the Commander in Chief;
  2. …because the perpetrator was Muslim and it is not politically correct because the President himself sympathizes with the Muslim plight across the world;
  3. …because the victims were military personnel and they just don’t have the same impact as civilians and children for good demagoguery.

Additionally, IIRC, there were numerous complaints about shooter Nidal Malik Hasan long prior to his murder spree such as proselytizing , insubordination and the like.  Also, Hasan’s contact with Al Qaeda’s Anwar Al-Awlaki makes for bad optics regarding reasons for gun grabbing, and also for embarrassment of the Army for not doing something about this shitbag sooner.

The media, I believe, still hates the military in the abstract and soldiers in the aggregate. Thus a pile of corpses in uniform causes no cognitive dissonance to them.  Only when a Soldier is humanized as an individual (usually via an anti-military story) do I see the main-stream party organ media confer any sympathy or empathy to their subject.  And, finally the fact that trained soldiers, in their ‘fighting prime’, were murdered like sheep in cold blood for lack of weapons that they were not allowed to carry in the name of base security is so tragically absurd that, of COURSE, no one wants to talk about this.

When viewed opposite the shootings Sandy Hook, Aurora, Gabby Giffords, this is the one that stands out as cold blooded murder by a competent, motivated, per-meditated assassin.  Fort Hood is the murder spree that anyone really worried about murderous violence should study as this one was the most rational and comprehensible.

The tragedies at Sandy Hook, Aurora and Tucson were, conversely, orgies of violence carried forth by people who were – quite literally – insane and unfathomable save for the obvious first fact.

[***Roll video of tiny coffins being wept over by Obama, Schumer, Cuomo and Feinstein***]

One thought on “The Fort Hood Shooting vs. the Gun Control media | via YouViewed\Editorial

  1. gary peek sr 02/18/2013 / 8:12 AM

    We need Major Changes: state senators/congress/president. You Train our young to protect and You’re Suppost to be Officers of The State and National Levels come up with The Most Stupid Laws/You Should All Be FIRED.


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