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  1. Brittius 02/06/2013 / 10:17 AM

    To anyone residing in New York State:
    There is but one answer to the Cuomo Fatwa – MOLAN LABE!


    • The Grey Enigma 02/06/2013 / 10:33 AM

      Sounds good B, but how many (of us) are really ready to take that stand? Really. Passive noncompliance where one has a reasonable expectation of staying off the radar is one thing: Throwing lead at ones countrymen is quite another. The problem is that in the incremental build up to a hazardous condition, at each step in the escalation we are unlikely to perceive the ultimate threat and, being fallible, we are also as likely to misinterpret as hazards things that are not. That said, I have some thoughts on a Plan B for the poor NY folks. Move your stuff legally out of state: at least then State authority will have to work harder to reach it across State lines where they have no (non-Federal) jurisdiction, at least yet.


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