Inner Monologue of a Madwoman

yeah, i really didn’t mean for that to sound as “final” or “foreboding” as it does.  i’ve been struck the last few days with this urge to detach from “the system.”  it’s a moot point, because there’s really no way to detach anymore; we’re numbered, inventoried, and surveilled wherever we go.  and, to be honest, i really like my cable tv and smartphone, so it’s not looking to be in my future.  but i still want it.  what i want is to NOT want my smartphone and tv and the myriad of other things that make my life so very comfortable.  i want not to be so tied to them because, if somehow the opportunity arose for us to actually live a more analog, off-grid lifestyle, i would want to jump out on faith and take that chance.


i promise, I’m not trying to romanticize “the good ol’ days” where…

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  1. Brittius 02/12/2013 / 4:06 PM

    He’s concerned about the people getting sicker and sicker as government gets more involved in our foods.
    Ever wonder why, males are growing “Man Titties”? It’s the livestock injected with hormones. That’s not all. These growth/female hormones will decrease testosterone in males. Nuts get smaller, voices get higher, and more. That too is not all. When male testosterone levels diminish, so does aggressiveness. Rather than fight, the males will prefer to knit.
    Want to invade a nation? Chemically castrate the males, then all your troops need do is defeat the opposing army of girlie-men. Ahhh… Now things are beginning to make sense. Now you know why anti-hunting and gun control. Game animals are not hormone injected and if anything, the game meat increases hormone levels of males and females respective of their gender. Men think like men and act accordingly, females think like females and act accordingly.


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