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Capitalist Eric

In today’s world of instant news, “spin” from MSM and their shills, and the constant struggle to make a living in a declining economy, it’s difficult to understand the big picture.  This essay is an attempt to bring the latest news into a single coherent essay, and share what I see happening…  and what it means.

As a result of the Newtown School shootings, big-government elites have been hammering HARD for their version of gun control- which is really “victim disarmament.”  Indeed, the push has been more aggressive and contentious than anything I’ve ever seen.  The obvious goal of our government (as the NDAA and NDRP amply demonstrate) is complete and total control of the population, and elimination of any possibility of armed resistance to their hidden agenda.  Oh, we know the agenda is power, but we don’t know the details of why, when or where… or do we?


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