Bitcoin and Kim Dotcom: Why it’s Time to “Encrypt Everything” |

Encryption may end up being the biggest trend in 2013, as the concept, usage and term itself move from the realm of computer geeks and hackers into mainstream consciousness. The reason why such a moment must occur relates to the fact that governments and intelligence agencies the world over are rapidly moving in the direction of spying on their citizenry twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Those of us that don’t like this privacy invasion will have to move toward encrypting as much of our daily lives as possible.

In the world of money, Bitcoin has emerged as the most popular alternative currency in existence today, and is likely to only become exponentially more popular due to its substantial anonymity relative to fiat currencies thanks to encryption.

Of course, encryption doesn’t stop with crypto-currencies. It is in this regard that Kim Dotcom born in Germany, residing in New Zealand and originally named Kim Schmitz could lead the charge. Encrypted email is one of his solutions.While his new site Mega already has 3 million users since its launch in January, where Kim could really make a massive difference for the billions on this planet that use email is through an encryption service for the masses. While nobody likes it, everyone pretty much assumes that some bureaucrat or petty intelligence official with nothing better to do with their lives has access to every email you write. But does life really have to be this way? Kim Dotcom says no.

The irony of the U.S. government’s case against Kim is that they accuse him of essentially providing the infrastructure for people to pirate movies, while at the same time they claim the right to spy on their citizens without a warrant. Why is the U.S. government so obsessed with Hollywood’s intellectual property rights but not the right of its citizens to privacy? As Kim Dotcom states:“If files are your property, then the U.S. government has taken millions of people’s property without warning or legal standing.”The complete hypocrisy of the U.S. government will simply be exposed more and more everyday until their arguments ultimately fall apart in pile of lies. In the meantime…we have encryption.For coverage on Kim Dotcom’s recent chat at South by Southwest check out this article from NBC in which they call him the “anti-Zuckerberg” and this one from Wired.In Liberty,Mike

via A Lightning War for Liberty | The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. – Plato.

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