4 thoughts on “Remember when? | YouViewed/Editoral blog

  1. gljjt 03/17/2013 / 11:29 AM

    This shows the days of my childhood.


  2. bugginoutback 03/19/2013 / 7:55 AM

    Remember when toy guns looked real without the blaze orange barrel caps? Remember when you could play manhunt at night in the neighborhood without the neighbors calling the police? Remember being allowed to sell lemonade on the sidewalk and nobody cared how much money you made? Remember when you could grow a garden in your back yard from the vegetables and fruits you bought at the grocery store? So what happened? Two words. BIG GOVERNMENT.
    So what happens now? Well toy guns look like space guns. Kids play manhunt or hide and seek and get the cops called for prowling or trespassing. Lemonade stands and garage sales get shut down by local police officers. Seeds in the produce you purchase in grocery stores have been genetically gimped to not reproduce and quite frankly don’t taste as good as the vegetables we used to be able to grow.


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