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Obama and the democrats want to confiscate guns not because they care about them, but because guns are a footnote in their plan of Complete Political Control.

The plan goes like this. Since absolute control can be achieved only through military insurrection or the political process, i.e., votes, and since there are enough patriots left in the military to forestall a military takeover, the only possibility for usurping control is through some form of vote fraud.

The country is evenly split between socialists and non-socialists, and all that is required to gain complete control is a few more socialist voters. How about twenty million illegals who are grateful to be let into the country and ultimately made citizens?

  1. FIRST STEP. Open the borders and bring the wrath of the federal government against any group or state (Arizona) who seeks to limit the influx of illegal aliens.
  2. SECOND STEP. Pass socialized medicine to make sure the illegals are covered and appreciative of the government that brought them here. Delay the full effects of this – reduced service, greater cost, death panels for elders – several years to avoid backlash. By the time anyone knows what has happened, it will be done.
  3. THIRD STEP. Push legislation that legalizes the illegals. At first go for legalizing them all, but then back off and settle for what you can get. You only need a few hundred thousand to swing the vote and the rest will be legalized in subsequent years.
  4. FOURTH STEP. Destroy the economy. Put the nation so deep in debt that people seem to have no solution but to embrace the government, since private enterprise can no longer support the population.
  5. FIFTH STEP. Confiscate guns. At some point, people will begin to realize that the country doesn’t look or feel anything like it used to. Quality of life and services, notably health care and employment, will have deteriorated to the extent of possibly sparking a revolt. Cut that off at the knees by confiscating guns. No guns, no revolt.

All of these steps need to be accompanied by a disinformation war that will disorient and demoralize the opposition. Something like political correctness on steroids. The opposition will fight among themselves about minor points and at some point will be unable to fight at all.

Common sense will tell the opposition that guns are necessary for self defense and defense against the government; disinformation will tell them that no one need fear the government of the United States and that guns are responsible for needless death and destruction.

Common sense will suggest to the opposition that something is wrong when the United States is the only country in the world with open borders; disinformation will tell them that open borders are a good thing and that we are a nation of immigrants.

Common sense will tell the opposition that you can’t add twenty to thirty million people to an existing health care system and get the same level of service; disinformation will tell him that the service will be better and it will be cheaper.

Common sense will tell the opposition that granting citizenship to people who are here illegally is insane; disinformation will tell them that it is only fair and the government will appear rational when it “gives in” on agreeing to partial legalization.

Common sense will tell the opposition that doubling the national debt in eight years is the path to ruin; disinformation will explain that going deeper into debt is necessary to “kickstart” the economy.

When these five steps are completed, the non-socialist part of the population will be completely demoralized by the persistent distortion of the truth just as political correctness has demoralized and frightened white people into remaining silent and not speaking their minds. Once demoralization has set in, the opposition will lose its outrage and ultimately its desire to fight. In addition, there will be no means to fight, even if it wanted to.

A good plan. In fact, outstanding.

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3 thoughts on “Gun Confiscation Is Not About Guns | Freedom Outpost

  1. Brittius 03/19/2013 / 8:33 AM

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Things are adding up. To quote Luftwaffe chief, Herman Goering when he saw Allied aircraft flying overhead and unmolested, “The jig is up.”


  2. Bunkerville 03/20/2013 / 9:53 AM

    Americans are a feisty lot. Not too sure that 100 million with guns will just give them up as easily as they may see fit. The big gulp yes, but not the gun.


  3. bugginoutback 03/20/2013 / 9:18 PM

    Reblogged this on bugginoutback and commented:
    Alas. It is scary how close we are. We are literally walking along a razor blade every day. I have been saying it for awhile now, we are one leader away from being in the midst of another civil outbreak. If someone big enough takes a stand and makes a loud enough clap of thunder, all hell is going to break lose. And when it does, this country is going to see violence that it never dreamed possible. But it will be all to late. If you think a kid with an AR 15 shooting up a theater was scary, wait until you have tomahawk helicopters and tanks coming into your neighborhood with tactical teams of troops kicking in doors for food and ammo. America, we ain’t seen shit yet. Get ready.


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