They Have to Know Who Has the Guns | revisedhistory

“…In other words, the only thing preventing a perfect police state is that there are 300 million guns out there and nobody knows whose hands they’re in.”

Larry Pratt answered: “They don’t know who has a lot of them and that’s one of the plays underway right now…the politicians want to know who has bought every gun. That’s why they’re talking about expanding the instant background check to make it universal. This is not a law enforcement tool. It doesn’t keep guns out of the wrong hands…”

via They Have to Know Who Has the Guns | revisedhistory.

2 thoughts on “They Have to Know Who Has the Guns | revisedhistory

  1. aurorawatcherak 03/19/2013 / 3:53 PM

    Alaska is one of the few states in the union where marijuana is legal. You can possess up to four ounces in your home. You can’t sell it, you can’t transport it, you can’t give it away. LEGALLY.

    Not everyone who smokes pot in Alaska grows their own. Obviously, someone is selling to and others are transporting it. The local cops don’t care. It’s constitutional for you to have pot in your home, so they don’t ask how it got there when there are no plants in evidence.

    My point is that there are ways around the law if they decide to expand to universal background checks. They won’t be legal, but they will be constitutional. I’m certainly not telling them about my guns and I suspect most American gunowners with brains aren’t going to either.


  2. bugginoutback 03/20/2013 / 9:34 PM

    Hrmmmm…. Sounds a lot like what Hitler did right before a mass weapon confiscation.”We need to ‘register’ all the weapons.” Then months later they were disarmed. And then the pictures of Jesus were replaced by his, and anyone who contested was shot. Freedom of speech will be the next thing to go historically. I seriously cannot believe how retarded this politically correct crap has made our nation. History repeats itself and its repeating itself now. We are becoming what we hated the most, and purged back in WWII. The only difference is no other nation is going to give a shit and step in to save us from ourselves.


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