Update: Universal Background Check for Gun Owners will be Integrated into Obamacare

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Obama-signs-Exec-orderThe path of least resistance in implementing a universal background check would be to piggy-back on existing legislation: The Affordable Care Act.

HIPPA privacy laws, however make this problematic. No worry, though. the obvious solution for this is to break laws through executive order.

At this moment, the Obama administration is working with Health and Human Services Department to circumvent existing privacy laws:

The Health and Human Services Department will issue a formal proposal on Friday to make sure one of its privacy laws does not prevent states from reporting information to the background check system.

Congress do not seem to be aware that the Obama Administration is working to implement what is effectively a  national gun registration database through Obamacare.

Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, said Sunday that universal background checks on all gun sales are “a bridge too far for most of us” as Democrats try to cobble together a…

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3 thoughts on “Update: Universal Background Check for Gun Owners will be Integrated into Obamacare

  1. pgillenw 04/21/2013 / 4:18 PM

    There will be no end to invasion of privacy. Heck the federal believes we have no presumption of privacy.


  2. nashprep123 04/21/2013 / 5:14 PM

    This is ridiculous and he is sticking his neck out awfully far


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