The (Hidden Meanings in) New $100 Bill | Road to Roota

First of all, I must admit that I am one of those “Conspiracy Nuts” who loves to read meaning into the back of the US $1 bill like I’m trying to solve a centuries old puzzle. The “All Seeing Eye”, the pyramid, “One World Government”, Masonic symbols, the implications of the Latin words, even the words “In God We Trust” added in 1955…all of it…I’m a big fan of secret meaning. Just Google “US Dollar Hidden Meaning” and you will find almost EVERY INTERPRETATION you can imagine. Since I don’t know which is true…I tend to believe ALL OF THEM. More fun that way. If you think this is all hogwash and there is no meaning to the back of the $1 bill…”Duh, it’s just a nice picture”…then this article is not for you.

So, of course, I was more than excited when the new $100 bill was FINALLY announced… via The Road to Roota Letters

One thought on “The (Hidden Meanings in) New $100 Bill | Road to Roota

  1. Brittius 04/25/2013 / 8:45 AM

    I wish that you would have started the article with an explanation of what Freemasonry is, and that, is summed up in four words: An Engine Of Achievement.
    The anti-Freemason sentiment is only nutjob rantings for one purpose: Money. Freemasons support and maintain though dues monies paid by its members, their lodges, which by tradition are called temples, going back three centuries, because it was unlawful to call them churches where prayers were said by members. Three holy books are, the Old Testament, New Testament, and Koran, are present as there is Wisdom, in these writings. The Goat Headed symbol, is not evil. It represents the five houses of Venus the morning star, which in Latin is Lucifer, by name, and not Satanic. It reminds one to seek Wisdom early, and apply it throughout the day. Before people could read, symbols were used for learning and remembering. Today, religious institutions are jealous of the money raised by Freemasonry and the various subdivisions of both the Scottish Rite, and York Rite.
    The US Dollar, designed by FDR, was actually designed by his vice president (I forgot his name), both were 32d Degree Masons. For that matter, J. Edgar Hoover, was a 33d Degree Mason. Nothing evil in the dollar. Freemasonry believes that, You Can Make A Good Man Better, But You Cannot Make A Bad Man, Good.
    I am not a Freemason, but wish that I were. I am related to a Master Mason, but did research and study on my own. When I had the time, I lacked the money (for donating to charities); and when I had the money, I lacked the Time (always working). I did speak to a Freemason at length and he said for me to stop sitting on the sidelines. I smiled. I think that I’m too old.
    Our Dollar, is a beautiful work of art, and is actually open to “Change”, but you may end up with Hitler or Stalin on the portraitures. I like the late 19th century US Dollar artwork around 1898 era.


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