Reports: Crime Database Has Been Misused By NYPD Officers Multiple Times

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Multiple NYPD officers have been charged with corruption in recent years, on allegations that they misused the FBI-operated National Crime Information Center to snoop on other officers, or even to get information on people they might rob.

In the most recent high-profile case in May, Detective Edwin Vargas, 42, was accused inappropriately accessing the NCIC to get information about at least two NYPD officers.

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He was also of paying an email hacking service more than $4,000 to get the passwords and usernames of 43 e-mail accounts between March 2011 and October 2012, according to court papers. Of the 30 people targeted, 19 were current NYPD officers — including his ex-girlfriend — one was a retired NYPD officer, and one is on the NYPD’s administrative staff, prosecutors said.

The NCIC database…

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One thought on “Reports: Crime Database Has Been Misused By NYPD Officers Multiple Times

  1. Brittius 07/07/2013 / 7:40 PM

    Back in “the Good Old Days”… Anyone entering their access password into Finest System (NYPD), generated a Trail, that would be periodically checked by Internal Affairs Bureau, and cross referenced with case numbers, complaint numbers, Universal Summons numbers, arrest numbers. This was to maintain integrity and curtail misuse of the Official system. One of the big fears was the misuse or giving information that would find its way back to drug dealers and organized crime. Guess things have really gone lax since the turn of the 21st Century. It used to mean misuse was punishable by Termination Of JOB/Stripped of SHIELD, and that fear meant too much by itself. Only an imbecile would risk their job, or being stripped of shield (especially if Detective or supervisor), plus, possible prosecution for Official Misconduct, and Theft of Service (having done it on duty and being paid, when the last thing they should be doing is monkeying around while On The Clock).
    Only a real JACKASS would fool with Finest System, if not connected with an Official purpose.
    I have no sympathy for anyone abusing a Sacred Trust, and bastardizing the Job, or their shield. They are not cops – They are perps with badges if they do anything of that nature.


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