Digital Zombies: The Age Where Kids Don’t Look Up, and Barely Go Outside Anymore - by F. Kaskais

By Aaron Dykes

The simple fact is that a lot of kids don’t know how to even play outside anymore.

Teenagers and even young children today are addicted to playing video and computer games that were in their infancy when most parents were growing up. The draw of these games goes even beyond the pop culture entertainment that kept 20th Century kids glued to the television and 21st Century kids glued to the Internet.

Melissa and I spotted these angsty teens on a swing set at a local park. Not only were they too cool to actually play, but they were too cool to even talk to each other. Instead, all four were busy on their smart phones or similar digital devices.

Meme #1: Kids Fail at Playing Outside

Honestly, it wasn’t all that shocking, since these types of disengaged people, of all ages, can be seen every day throughout…

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