Claim-Arctic getting darker, making Earth warmer


In an attempt to grab headlines, the Arizona Daily Star printed, above the fold on the front page of its February 18, 2014 edition, an Associated Press article by AP’s chief climate alarmist, Seth Borenstein, see story here.  The story refers to a new paper: “Observational determination of albedo decrease caused by vanishing Arctic sea ice,” by Kristina Pistone, Ian Eisenman, and Veerabhadran Ramanathan. PNAS,

A critical analysis of the paper is posted on the “Watts Up With That” blog (WUWT)  here.

Wryheat observations:

The paper in question makes two claims as stated in the title of this post:

1) The Arctic is getting darker because more ice is melting, thus decreasing the albedo or reflectivity of the Arctic.  That claim is true.

2) That’s making the Earth warmer. That claim is false.

The researchers examined satellite sea ice data for the period 1979 to 2011 and…

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