CT gun confiscation circus: Meet your Masters, peons | The Grey Enigma

Lt. J. Paul Vance, Sr. – CT State Police Spokesman
Your Master and a Constitutionally ignorant douche bag

It gives me no joy to participate in ad hominem attacks, but given the trampling of the United States Constitution that appears to be underway in the once great state of Connecticut I thought that the taxpayers there might like a little additional information about the CT State “Masters” facilitating this fiasco.  Because he has chosen, or been forced to, make himself the face of Der Staat let’s have a closer look at spokesperson Lieut. J. Paul Vance…

In his LinkedIn profile Vance indicates:

I have served in many areas of law enforcement during my almost 40 year career with the Connecticut State Police. Graduated form State Police Academy July 29 1974 promoted trooper First Class, promoted to Sergeant 1998, Promoted to Master Sergeant July 2006, Promoted to Lieutenant Oct 2006. Served on tact team, K-9 team, Resident Trooper, Patrol Trooper and Patrol Sgt, Academy Instructor, Major Crime Detective, and media relations director.   I continue to explore and implement changes to improve the operations of the PIO office for the department and to expand my knowledge for taking on future endeavors.   My areas of responsibility within the department also include continuation to expand the services as I serve as the Clearinghouse manager for Connecticut’s Missing Person Unit.

Vance’s profile goes on to state that he presently “manages news information” for a 1250 person department, is assigned “special projects” for the department and serves as the Commanding Officer with the State Police Missing Person unit.   Unlike many of the taxpayers and Connecticut, nothing in Vance’s profile indicates that he ever served in the military.   Notwithstanding his “tact team” experience, there may be a gap in his ability to undertake the mission at hand.

In addition to running press conferences and informing the Citizens of Connecticut exactly who their Masters are, Lieut. Vance appears to have aspired to a career in television, and reportedly auditioned for the absolutely riveting “Survivor” reality series. See here.

For his hard work in educating you and keeping you safe from yourself, Lieut. Vance appears to garner an annual salary (2009) of $111,645.  Your Master Lt. Vance Sr, can be emailed at paul.vance@ct.gov, or feel free to call him at (860) 685-8230

Democrat J. Paul Vance, Jr.of Waterbury, Connecticut’s Claims Commissioner. “Connecticut has sovereign immunity and no one can sue the state without the permission of the Claims Commissioner,” Vance said. “I’m the gatekeeper.”
Photo credit: CTPost.com

Now, the Vance family apparently has a proud tradition of public service in the state of Connecticut.  It seems that the Lieutenant’s son – J. Paul Vance, Jr. ( got to love it when men name their sons after themselves) – a lawyer, past Township Alderman and one time mayoral candidate in Waterbury Connecticut – now serves as Claims Commissioner for the Connecticut Dept. of Administrative Services. his Alderman bio indicates the following:

J. Paul Vance, Jr. — Board of Alderman A lifelong resident of Waterbury, J. Paul Vance, Jr. is proud to be seeking his fourth term on the Board of Aldermen. Vance has been President of the Board for his three terms. Raised in the East End, Paul and his wife Michele now reside Town Plot. Active in the Waterbury community as a volunteer for many organizations and as a Crosby Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach, Paul is a Waterbury Attorney with Melick, Porter & Shea LLP, a Boston based firm.

Interestingly, Vance Jr.’s role as Claims Commissioner gives him the authority to determine who is “allowed” to sue the state of Connecticut. Really.  For example, in the case of Irving Pinsky Esq.’s attempt to bring a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for their supposed actions or inaction in the Sandy Book Elementary School shooting, Pinsky had to request permission to bring that suit from Vance Jr. (The suit was withdrawn for a variety of reasons unrelated to Vance)

I’m sure you will agree it is not to absurd to imagine a case where the State of Connecticut will attempt to confiscate firearms under their ill advised law, and unfortunately such an action is likely to result in injury or death.  This is a sad likelihood, but it is a likelihood.  Be aware that any such lawsuit against the Connecticut State Police can only be brought against the State with the approval of the gentleman in this black-and-white photo – i.e., the son of the spokesman for the state agency against which the suit will likely be brought.

You simply can’t make this stuff up.

In his capacity during 2013 he received a salary of $115,123.   While I don’t believe the sins of the father should be visited upon the son, Mr. Vance Junior can be reached at:

Office of the Claims Commissioner,

165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 123,

Hartford, CT 06106,

Tel (860) 713-5501 and (860) 713-5502

Fax (860) 713-7435,

email to jpaul.vancejr@ct.gov

Additionally, Vance Jr. is reported to maintain a private practice office at: 135 Grand St.,P O Box 693,Waterbury, CT 06701

So, there ya’ go:  The taxpayers of Connecticut are sending these 2 gentlemen a quarter million dollars per year.  Ask yourselves what you’re getting for the money.

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