The Connecticut Tyrants List…reblogged from Sipsey Street Irregulars

crypticpunk [krip-tik] [puhngk]

Freddy’s Note:

Last week blogger Mike Vanderboegh posted the lists of the CT State Legislators who voted for the Unconstitutional Gun Bill that most of the gun owners in CT have ignored.  There are reports that threaten his life.  His post at is re-blogged below. 

There are rumors that his site will be taken down.  I have re-posted his entire post here, in case his blog and him, disappears.  Recent news report claimed the battle for gun rights in Connecticut appears to be heating up. On Friday, gun rights activist and blogger Mike Vanderboegh said he received an ominous message upon returning home from family business.

“Don’t come to Connecticut anytime soon, there’s cops and politicians up here who want you dead,” he was reportedly warned.

He also said another person warned that authorities want him arrested.

“The fox in in (sic) the henhouse over at the Legislature. There’s…

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