Esquire: Police Who Support NRA Are Traitors ‘to the Uniform’

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

ierce expresses his disbelief that many law enforcement figures–especially sheriffs–are telling legislatures that they will not enforce new gun control if passed. He cannot understand why police officers would want law-abiding citizens to be allowed to carry guns for self defense.

He wonders aloud why police officers are not flooding the National Mall to oppose the things the NRA supports and to support the things the NRA opposes:

Why are there not a million police officers on the National Mall right now, today, demanding that Congress and the rest of the political elite take even the most gingerly steps toward disenthralling the country from its insane devotion to firearms? Why are police officers not walking off their jobs in protest?

Finally, after listing a number of incidents where criminals have misused guns during the past week, Pierce writes, “Put plainly … any police officer who drives himself home at night…

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