Ann Barnhardt Interview July 2, 2014

Published on Jul 2, 2014

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1) Life in a cashless society, Ann provides a working example
2) The credit score system; and the credit lock-down
3) How the financial system has was intentionally misused to concentrate wealth by having a new influx of new unqualified folks taking out home loans, getting college loans, car loans, or fake healthcare coverage.
4) Why everyone now has a perfect credit score
5) How young folks have been addled, drugged, and tested
6) How testing will be used to send people to the new gulag
7) How DNA is being collected for future use
8) How people will be further disenfranchised by being called “mentally ill”
9) How we have been bred to be part of an adolescent culture
10) Why the powers that be want dissent to hook onto absurd claims and so called “truths”
11) On the perils of consumerism and entertainment
Much much more including Edward Snowden Glen Greenwald and the NSA…
“Since Obama was elected President of the United States, some people feel this takeover has already occurred. Ann Barnhardt is one such person. She is a self-described counter-revolutionary who says “the Republic no longer exists.” She says that we are currently living under a tyranny which cannot be reformed. Instead of talking about the foxes pushing out the lions, Barnhardt says that the government has been taken over by “psychopaths.” She does not distinguish between good politicians and bad politicians. She does not distinguish between good voters and bad voters. If you are voting, you are automatically bad; that is to say, you are giving legitimacy to wickedness. As a counter-revolutionary Barnhardt does not see the complexities of people or situations. She does not diagnose the malady of the elite so as to discover some ground of innocence. She operates at a high level of generalization, dispensing with nuances. Such an approach may lack intellectual precision, but from the standpoint of counter-revolution, it is flawless rhetoric. Her words have strategic virtue instead of intellectual virtue. She is not simply observing phenomenon. She is attempting to become a phenomenon. ”

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