SCOTUS can now “declare the Constitution magically changed because of an “emerging” consensus on violating the Constitution.”

Queen Of Liberty™

Powerful article by Ben Shapiro explaining one of the ways the Supreme Court is forcing its will on the states and the people. I bolded certain words in the piece which really hit home for me.
– Alexis

By Ben Shapiro Via Breitbart
On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to take on the issue of gay marriage – and by doing so, essentially greenlit same-sex marriage across the nation, encouraging low-level courts to continue knocking down traditional marriage laws across the country. Challenges to pro-same-sex marriage rulings in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin have been rejected, placing all of those states on notice that they must begin issuing marriage licenses to two men or two women.

The Court clearly wants to wait until a majority of states have been forced to embrace same-sex marriage by lower-level appeals courts. Then they can determine that a “trend-line” has been established, suggest…

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